Summer health tips

Summer health tips


Summer health tips

Summer is the most prosperous season, and the climate is hot and prosperous.

At this time, it is a period of metabolism. The yang is outdated, the inside of the vulva is inside, and the blood and blood are also vigorously activated, and it is active on the surface of the body.

Summer is characterized by heat.

The heat is cool, and it is dry to clean.

Therefore, clearing and relieving heat is the key to health in the early summer.


Summer is hot and steaming, people are vulnerable to sleepiness, irritability and sultry, so first of all, to calm down their thoughts, calm and quiet, to be clear-eyed, avoid anger, to prevent endangered.

Pay attention to the heart, summer is the high incidence of high blood pressure, Chinese medicine believes.

The heart is in harmony with the summer.

The yang of the heart is the strongest in the summer, so it is necessary to pay attention to the health care of the heart in the summer.

Summer health is focused on the spirit of the camera, to maintain a happy and stable mood, should not be overwhelmed, so as not to help the heat, the fire.

The heart is calm and self-cooling, which can achieve the purpose of health.


Daily rest should be arranged reasonably. It is too late to sleep at night. In the morning, get up at 6:30 to exercise.

Spleen dehumidification, generally choose spleen aroma and wet products.

Such as musk, Perrin and so on.

Heat and heat, daily alternating mint, honeysuckle, forsythia, mung bean, etc.

Replenish lung and kidney, you can add medlar, lily, habitat, mulberry and so on.


Winter disease in summer, the so-called winter disease in summer, that is, the human body and the outside world yang, the use of oral Chinese medicine combined with acupuncture and other external treatment methods to treat some of the disease in winter.

If you use traditional Chinese medicine ointment on the acupuncture points, you can treat winter hypertension and rhinitis.