Hot Yoga burns beautiful cuties

Hot Yoga burns beautiful cuties

Hot Yoga “burns” beautiful cuties

Meniscus This action is easier to imitate, just straighten your arms and slowly bend towards the side of the body.
Pay attention to correcting your movements in the mirror. Pay attention to your abdomen and chest. Keep your arms close to your ears. Otherwise, you cannot breathe smoothly.
Perched eagle “Same hand and foot” principle: If the right hand is behind the left hand, then the right leg should be tried to go behind the left leg as well; of course, it can also be done the other way, there is no certain requirement.
Successfully twisted into a complete “Twist”, it is not easy to stand firmly for 1 minute. Beginners must do their best to persist 3.

头膝单足立   腿要悬空伸直,手摸到自己的脚,如果你韧带太紧,你会觉得超级难做,头几次请别人帮忙,尽量完成并根据各人能力坚持,但不必刻意追求length of time.

Toe work This is a difficult action!
Fold your hands together, move your feet to the groin on the other leg, and slowly squat, then keep your hands balanced to support, then continue to squat slowly.
Finally squatted on one foot, then raised his hips, keeping his body completely balanced with his toes.
Be careful not to fall.

Camel Kneeling on both knees, the body “bends back”, the extent to which it can be done varies from person to person and is not forced.
But to control yourself, look back as far as possible, support your hands on your heels, and place your knees at right angles.
Cobra Lie down with your face down and your head up as much as possible, just like a cobra. Do n’t think it ‘s a relaxing exercise. It ‘s really not easy to do.
  Tips 1.
It is very important to keep breathing evenly throughout. 2.
After eating for 3 hours, wait for digestion on an empty stomach.
  3.Be sure to drink plenty of water after the practice.
  4.To maintain a peaceful and comfortable environment, it is best to have beautiful music.
  5.Do your best, not reluctantly. If you are unwell, you can stop practicing for a few days.