Female college student workplace offense

Female college student workplace offense

Female college student workplace offense

For women, the pattern of attacking the workplace and attacking the mall is the same.

Therefore, as long as the strategy of attacking the mall is reasonably incorporated into the utilization, the workplace will naturally not attack itself.

  First, expanding the shopping model. The female shopping model is a very advanced behavior model.

The shopping pattern of girls is highly rational. We can divide their behaviors into 4 stages: the first one-shopping, watching, comparing. This process is equivalent to the information collection process. Like our market research, we examine the style.Prices, shop conditions, etc .; second, girls are less likely to visit alone, and groups are more likely to visit. They work in teams and discuss various factors together. Third, after the discussion is completed, they will negotiate and communicate with the owner alternately (The process of bargaining); Fourth, continue to check after buying something, seeing a better trade fair will regret it, indicating a strong ability to reflect.

  Throughout the course of behavior, comparison, discussion, communication, and reflection are the core elements of rationalized behavior in philosophy and psychology.

In the process of men buying things, they usually go directly to a store to see the supplies they want to buy and pay directly. The entire process does not collect information in advance, discuss, communicate, and replace the bargain. It may not have the ability to regret it afterwards.Highly irrational.

  However, in the workplace, men’s performance is exactly the opposite of women’s. When doing business, they will conduct comprehensive analysis in parallel, discuss how to defeat their opponents, and summarize their experience after success. The whole process is similar to the shopping process of girls and is highly rational.
The workplace behavior of girls is similar to the shopping behavior pattern of boys, which is a relatively simplified process.

Women actually have such a high degree of rationalization ability, they just need self-awareness and self-adjustment. If they fully apply the rationality of their shopping behavior process to workplace behavior, they will increase their chances of winning in the workplace.

  Second, workplace neutralization is in the middle of the workplace. If a woman excessively considers herself as a woman, she will suffer a lot.

For managers, when managers accept the reality of too much feminization, they will not take you seriously and will not treat you as a professional in the workplace.

If you show too much feminine characteristics when recruiting (some skins are too thin, crying at every turn, etc.), you may not even be eligible for admission.

  In the middle of the workplace, if women can show similar rationality to shopping behavior, then there is no difference between men’s professional behavior patterns, and ordinary girls may perform better in a certain stage, like the four replacements just mentioned.In China, if you can achieve professionalism in some of these segments, it is already good; if the advantages of the four exchange women can be fully exerted, it will cause great attention.

  Third, the advantage of communication is given to men, and women are more used to solving problems through communication, and to explore and interpret through communication.

  The natural development of our society now requires more and more communication.

You will find that although some companies are very big and famous, the famous bosses in big companies will not communicate with their employees. Many times they need professional professional managers to help them complete the communication.

Many companies’ HR managers are women, and that’s because women are very good at explaining things to others.

  There are many skills in communication. Usually we usually communicate by means of transmission method. Since we do not have a fixed understanding environment between people, it means that transmission method is extremely harmful.Easy to reach agreement.

Facts cause relatively few disputes, because everyone has undeniable facts, mutual views, misunderstandings and various, everyone’s definition is different. In the case of only vague hints, people in higher positions may be more likelyEasy to win.

  Female classmates have some basic subjects to study, and can consciously exercise their communication skills in this area when they are in school. It is not difficult to believe that they can find such a communication role in the enterprise.