Liver also has a spring to protect the liver and protect the yang

Liver also has a spring to protect the liver and protect the yang


Liver also has a spring to protect the liver and protect the yang

Everything in the spring is a good time to nurse your body.

According to the principle of health care of the four seasons of Chinese medicine, the five organs in the spring should be liver-raising.

As the saying goes: “The medicine is not as good as the food supplement”, so is the liver.

銆€銆€The activity of people who are prone to injury in the spring also begins to increase, while the blood circulation is accelerated, the metabolism is strong, the nutrient consumption is increased, and the blood flow is regulated, the nutrient supply, digestion, and absorption. If you can master the spring, you can raise the liver.Resist, store anti-disease energy in the body to cope with the outside world’s invasion.

銆€銆€If the conditioning is improper, the weather in spring is changeable, and some patients with chronic liver disease may relapse or suffer from complications due to the influence of spring weather.

Because the winter climate is cold, people prefer high-fat foods, drink more, lack of exercise, and the metabolism of the liver has been in a state of fatigue. After a winter accumulation, many people who go to the hospital for medical examination will be abused in the B-ultrasound.Liver; spring is also a bacterium, the breeding season of virus breeding, the liver is responsible for metabolism, detoxification, the burden is the most serious, vulnerable to invasion.

Spring is a high incidence of liver disease, proving to prevent liver disease recurrence or viral invasion.

銆€銆€It is the first choice for vinegar.

The vinegar tastes sour and enters the liver. It has the functions of Pinggan Sanyu, detoxification and bacteriostasis.

In elderly patients with hypertension, 40 ml of vinegar can be eaten daily, and the water can be diluted with warm water. The vinegar can also be used to soak eggs or soak beans, which is quite effective.

Usually because of nausea and liver pain, you can use 40 ml of vinegar, 10 grams of Bupleurum powder, can quickly relieve pain.

銆€銆€How to raise liver?

In addition to complying with climate change, pay attention to keep warm and cold, and actively exercise, you should also pay attention to diet.

It’s nothing more than managing your emotions and diet.

The first thing to raise the liver is to avoid overwork. Rest can increase liver blood flow and activate liver cells.

Also keep a happy mood, anger and hurt the liver, like sad, sadness and horror.

Therefore, you should always understand the spiritual adjustment, keep your mood comfortable, and avoid being angry.

Liver fire is prosperous and can easily lead to irritability.

銆€銆€There is a way to raise the liver is psychological therapy. We should change the pattern of bad behaviors that are too harsh and sullen to ourselves and others, and cultivate healthy behavior patterns and qualities that are optimistic, cheerful, tolerant and relaxed.

銆€銆€Hepatic blood and duck blood.

Duck blood is rich in nutrients, and duck blood is a common treatment for traditional Chinese medicine.

Take 100 grams of duck blood, 100 grams of squid, 100 grams of rice with porridge to eat, can raise liver and blood, but also treat anemia, and this is also one of the liver-protecting dishes of liver cancer patients.

銆€銆€It is not good to protect the liver from suppressing the spleen and liver.

The existing medicine also believes that: “Spring is suitable for the province to increase sugar, to raise temper.”

This is because the liver is vigorous in spring, and the liver qi will affect the spleen, so the spleen and stomach weakness is prone to occur in spring.

In the “Thousands of Gold, Food, and Introduction”, there is a saying that “the province is rich in sweetness and the temper is raised.”

The meaning is to ask for less sour food to make the liver fire, and eat more sweets to enhance the function of the spleen.

銆€銆€Protect your liver and raise your liver. Pay attention to your mouth. Do not eat spicy food, fried spicy food and alcohol, etc. Eat less animal food and avoid the burden of liver.

Pay attention to comprehensive, balanced nutrition, eat more protein, vitamin foods, eat more foods containing high-quality protein, such as fish and shrimp, eat more fresh and ripe fruits, fungi, broccoli, green beans, fungus, etc.Carbonized vitamins and minerals.

People with poor digestion should eat on time, or eat less and eat more, to ensure the implantation of nutrition.

銆€銆€Shugan Yangxue Spinach is a good vegetable.

Spinach is a timely vegetable in spring. It has the functions of nourishing yin and nourishing dryness, soothing the liver and nourishing blood. It is effective for the adjuvant treatment of liver disease and smooth stomach disease.