Essential beauty medicine for women

Essential beauty medicine for women

Essential beauty medicine for women

Chinese people pay attention to “one white covering three ugliness”. The so-called skin-condensed women usually get free radical regret, so no matter what healthy skin color and chocolate makeup are popular, there are always a lot of “white is beautiful” diehardPie firmly grabs “white”!

The Chinese medicine recipes introduced below have the effect of beauty and beauty, which can make you look good.

  冰糖乳鸽燕窝羹  [原料] 冰糖60克、乳鸽一只、燕窝30克。   [制法] 将燕窝用温水浸润至膨胀,除去杂毛。The young pigeons have their hair and offal removed, they are deboned and cut into pieces.

Add the finished suckling pigeon, bird’s nest and rock sugar to the pot together, add enough water to boil, and simmer until the pigeon meat is cooked.

  [用法] 分四次,吃肉喝汤。  [功效] 补气血,补益美容。  [按语] 本美容膳食味道甜软鲜香,别有风味,能大补气血,为营养丰富的补益美容膳食。  美颜补血粥  [原料] 当归10克,川芎3克,黄芪5克,红花5克,鸡汤1000毫升,粳米100克。  [制法] 将前3味用米酒洗后,切成薄片,与红花共入布袋,加入鸡汤和清水,煎出药汁,去布袋后,入粳米,用旺火烧开,文火熬煮成Porridge.

  [Usage]Take 1 dose daily.

  [功效] 补血、理气、祛瘀、和色、祛斑功效。  [主治] 适用于血虚所致的面色苍白者,并可消除皮肤黑斑与黑眼圈。  [按语] 孕妇及月经量多者不宜用。  胡桃阿胶膏  [原料] 取红枣500克(去核)、胡桃肉、黑芝麻(炒熟)、桂圆肉各150克、阿胶,冰糖各250克、黄酒500克。  [Method]Grind red dates, walnut meat, longan meat, black sesame into fines; Ejiao soaked in rice wine for 10 days, then put it in a ceramic ware with the wine and steam it to completely melt Ejiao, and then add red dates, Walnut, longan meat, black sesame powder and mix thoroughly, add rock sugar and then steam, until the rock sugar dissolves, it becomes a skin care beauty treasure, after making it, it will be stored in a clean container and sealed.

  [Usage]Take 1 to 2 spoons every morning and rinse with boiling water.

  [功效] 补肾美血,润肤美容,  [按语] 中医学认为,红枣、胡桃、桂圆肉、阿胶、黑芝麻均是健身养颜之良药。According to “Therapeutic Materia Medica”, taking walnuts can make the skin delicate and shiny