Single woman why are you afraid of being single

Single woman why are you afraid of being single

Single woman why are you afraid of being single

Surveys of women often find that most women are not very satisfied with their status quo, although they acknowledge that life has changed a lot and that they can say more and more.

How about being a woman?

The answer is vague, but the goal is clear. Now that you are a woman, you must at least like it yourself.

  How about being a woman?
This is a question that women are thinking about now.

  In this regard, a survey of nearly 1,000 women, and less than 45% of women are basically satisfied with the status quo.

Although more than 85% of them can basically control the right of direction in the two-person world, more than 70% think they have a heterosexual relationship, more than half have luxury goods, and even 40% of women knowIt shows that there is more than one man around, but most women are still not satisfied with their current situation.

  This dissatisfaction should be seen as an increase in women’s needs for quality of life. It can also be said to be a partial or a change in attitude.

Because for a woman, everything that really changes depends on what she poses to the world and the men.

  In this day and age, if a woman who needs your bravery comes forward, the vocabulary you think of first should be “sexy”. If she is not really sexy, you must say that she is “pretty”, if she is not beautifulThen, you have to say that she is “smart”. If she does not seem to be smart, you can only say that she is “good”.

The first is “sexy” and the last is “kindness”. Women’s order of adjectives that they are most willing to accept is beyond their predecessors’ imagination.

  A few years ago, Liu Huifang in “Desire” was the epitome of the kindness, tolerance, or idol of many Chinese women at that time. Women at that time were willing to dedicate themselves, but excessive sacrifices for themselves were not understood by women now.

Earlier in the “Shaolin Temple”, she praised her shepherd girl for her “waist and courage”, and it is a problem for such a woman to survive.

  Not long ago, “What?

When Love was released, many female audiences cried.

One man spent ten years waiting for a woman full of affection, another man spent a lifetime to love this woman, and the woman finally chose to give up everything in tears.

In her opinion, it may be more difficult to choose than not to choose. A woman’s heart is contradictory and happy.

Every time the song sounded, it was the inner confession of the heroine, and the fierce change of scene and color also touched the heart of the female audience again and again.

It is powerless to give and it is valuable to get. In the survey, more than 40% of the women said that they spent a lot of time on managing love, and 67% of the happiness they got came from emotional satisfaction.

  Having style is more important than having material. If a woman wanted to be “soft” 20 years ago, she wanted men to experience her obedience. Today’s women also demand their “softness”. Actually, what they want to show is their own feeling., That kind of graceful style, soft and watery feeling.

  Daily from 9 to 5 every day, between the unit and the home, clean before work, buy vegetables after work, rent the utility bills and men’s socks can not escape, can not cook enough, but also do a good job. These things that are always pleasing to others are the reasons why these longing women are dissatisfied with the status quo.

More than 60% of women have no interest in “full-time wives” facing the same husband and family every day. They want to belong to their own social circle, suffer from jealousy, lost cowardice, burden of desire, worldly sorrow,Will turn into a relaxed smile in the chat of girlfriends.

  Woolf, a British female writer, said more than 200 years ago that “every woman wants a house of her own”, which means that women have been working hard, never covering their feet to reading, and women of every age haveI am trying to change my dislike.

Although nearly half of women today do not have their own travel plans, and only more than 20% have just realized the benefits of regular fitness, they already know that a woman’s life should not be a simple respite, as the German poet Oku said: “I don’t think God has ever made anything better than a woman / so they should know what gesture to use to enjoy life.

“About 100 years ago, in order to obtain the same starting point as men-equality, justice, peace and development, women have gone through an extraordinary struggle. Today, 100 years later, when we approach women themselves againThe festival we won, the Women’s Day on March 8th, we conducted a thorough and personal investigation of the living conditions of current white-collar women in Beijing.

Through their tremendous changes in work, life and emotions, we find that this festival has long lost its original purpose.