Mona’s feelings for the rice bowl

Mona’s feelings for the rice bowl

Mona’s feelings for the rice bowl

Due to the development of business, the company has to recruit a copywriter, and the recruitment task naturally falls to the head of my department.

In this industry for many years, I actually have some information about several writers. It so happened that Hadoko just quit his job. I recommended him to the boss the first time.

The boss promised to be tried.

  Three days after Hadron arrived, the boss brought a young man to me and said with a smile, “I came from you, try it.

The young man is named Chang Sheng. He graduated from an art school and has won awards for some copywriting works.

In other words, two people compete for one seat.

  When I found out that Changsheng really had nothing to do with the boss, the steelyard in my mind was the potential hadron.

Hadron was called by me. Although he has not done any copywriting work, he has a good literary background. Although he needs a transition period, the arts and sciences are interlinked. I have no worries about the level of hadrons.

Therefore, my “off” does not give Changsheng a chance at all.

Although some of his ideas are so good that I often smash them, I just throw them aside after reading them, and don’t adopt them at all.

Once, when I advertised to a strong company, I still chose the copy of Hadron, but unfortunately it was not accepted. At this time, Chang Sheng found me and asked him to send him a copy.

I certainly don’t want to. If you let that company adopt it, the results will go away and Hadron will lose.

After several requests were inconclusive, Chang Sheng was annoyed and said, “I don’t believe you, the head of the department, covered everything.

Sure enough, Chang Sheng reported to the boss.

Within minutes of going out, the boss called me to give Changsheng the copy to that company.

That company didn’t have a word without Chang Changsheng’s copywriting.

After the boss had enjoyed it, he asked me with a dark face, why I did n’t send Chang Sheng directly to this past. His tone clearly doubted my level problem. In a hurry, I honestly said that I wanted to have a strong child.

  In a blink of an eye, the one-month probationary period was over, and Chang Sheng overwhelmed Hadron. Seeing Hadron couldn’t join the job, I felt very guilty and didn’t dare to look at him straight.

Just when I didn’t know how to explain to Hadron, the boss’ decision was beyond my expectation. Hadron joined the post, and Changsheng stayed.

The boss gave up on me.

  The boss’s reason is that the company retains people who are dedicated to promoting the company’s development, and must not allow those who sacrifice the company’s interests because of personal preferences.