What if there is no match?The short track team will hold a simulated world championship

What if there is no match?The short track team will hold a “simulated world championship”
After the short track speed skating World Championships scheduled to be held in Seoul, South Korea this week, the short track speed skating national team held a simulated World Championship match against each other. The match time was exactly the same as the World Championships (March 13-15).Wang Meng, the leader of the coach team of the short squad, used “four true” to describe this simulation match: true match, true match, true prize, true penalty.Wang Meng’s outstanding competition is “true comparison”.Data Map / Sauna. After the two-week World Cup in Europe, Sun Haiguang of the night net, the short track speed skating national team has been training in Beijing ‘s Shougang Park to prepare for the final World Championship in Seoul this season.However, due to the development of the epidemic situation, the ISU finally decided to introduce the Seoul World Championships, the competition time is not earlier than mid-October, which means that the international competition this season ended early.Despite the cancellation of the World Championships, the short-track speed skating national team still decided to organize a World Championships competition to maintain the athletes’ efficient training and confrontation.The match time is also scheduled for March 13-15, exactly the same as the scheduled time for the Seoul World Championships.According to the schedule, the men’s and women’s 1500 meters, men’s and women’s 500 meters finals will be held on March 14, the men’s and women’s 1,000 meters, men’s 5,000 meters relay, women’s 3,000 meters relay, and men’s and women’s 3000 meters super finals will be held on March 15.According to Wang Meng, the national team ranks in a serpentine array according to the all-round selection of Chinese seats, forming 6 men’s teams and 6 women’s teams.Wang Meng said that this competition started in actual combat and adhered to the “four true” principles, that is, true comparison, true competition, true award, and true penalty.The list of matches is as follows: Men ‘s Team 1: Han Tianyu, Bing Zekai, Xu Hongzhi, Tian Jialong, Lu Xiucheng Men ‘s Team 2: Wu Dajing, Zhong Yuchen, Jia Haidong, Song Jian, Deng Zhihan Men ‘s Team 3: Ren Ziwei, Liu Guanyi, Lou Zhanshuo, Chen Guang,Jiang Jiayi Men’s Team 4: Zhang Tianyi, Yang Shuai, Li Kongchao, Wang Chenxu, Ta Meng Men’s Team 5: Li Wenlong, Zhang Weizhi, Yu Wei, Ren Haobo Men’s Team 6: Song Jiahua, An Kai, Yu Songnan, Liu Yifan Women’s Team 1: Han Yutong, Wang Runyuan, Hao Weiying, Yang Yang women’s team 2: Qu Chunyu, Xu Aili, Song Yang, Gongli women’s team 3: Fan Kexin, Zhang Chutong, Chen Tong, Lv Xiaotong women’s team 4: Zhang Yuting, Li Jinyu, Li Xuan, Sun Kexin women’s team 5: Zang Yize, Guo Yihan, Wang Ye, Yang Xueer sauna, Ye Haisun Haiguang editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Li Lijun