Exercise baby coordination in the game

Exercise baby coordination in the game

Exercise baby coordination in the game

Suitable for age: 1?
3 years old preparation: 5 bottles.

Put 1 on each bottle?
5 dots, put l on the corresponding bottle cap?
Number of 5, soy beans in 1 small bowl.

  How to play: Mom said: “It’s getting dark, soy babies are going home. These bottles are the home of soy babies. There are a few dots on the bottle to live a few soy babies. Let’s take the soy babies home.

After finishing speaking, mother and child each took a bottle, several bottles with several dots on it, and put the same amount of soybeans.

  If the number of soya babies is incorrect, the mother should guide the child to adjust until the full amount is released.

  In order to increase the interest in activities, the mother is free to make mistakes and guide the child to check and correct.

On the basis of understanding and mastering numbers up to 5, you can increase the difficulty and perform operations up to 10.

In addition, in addition to soy babies, mothers can also prepare broad bean babies, peanut babies, etc. to give children a sense of freshness.

  Love Tips: It is easy for a baby to put beans in his mouth or ears, and mothers need to pay special attention.

  Depending on the age of the baby, the fine movements of the hand will develop differently, so the mother can replace the materials or adjust the difficulty of the game appropriately.