Resume that makes seven people smoke

Resume that makes seven people smoke

Resume that makes seven people smoke

Recently, when college students are busy looking for work, our company is short of several technical positions, provided that the computer must be good and electronic communication must be understood.

As the director of the personnel department, I was responsible for selecting talents for the company. I naturally dared not to slack off. On Sunday morning, I took a few people to the talent market.

  Busy in the morning, I received a lot of resumes, but in detail, there are not many that meet the requirements of our company, either this is almost, or that short period, the company wants to recruit 8 positions, I am going to select firstTwelve, please ask General Manager Ma to make the final decision.

I basically looked at the resume almost, only to find 11 people. When I was in a dilemma, suddenly, a resume attracted me. I saw that the resume read: I am proficient in computers and proficient in electronic communication technology .As I see it, isn’t this the talent that our company wants.

I immediately took out this lady’s resume and sent it to the General Manager Ma for review. After that, General Manager nodded and expressed satisfaction, and determined that the final interview time would be Wednesday morning.

  On Wednesday morning, President Ma personally presided over the final interview. Twelve applicants participated in the interview in turn.

The top 11 have successfully completed the interview, but when it came to the college student who claimed to be “proficient in computers and proficient in electronic communication technology,” he actually asked three wonders, what computer technology, what electronic communication, this kid did notUnderstood, and even made some jokes. President Ma was so angry that he shouted at me: “Look at who you are recruiting!

“After turning, I walked away.

I’m still angry, but I still hold the fire carefully and ask the college student in front of me: “You don’t understand anything. This resume mentions that you are proficient in computers and can be proficient in electronic communication technology?

“Who knows that the boy answered indifferently:” Being proficient in computers means that I am proficient in playing games online; being proficient in electronic communication technology means that I am proficient in chatting online with QQ.