Chinese medicine breast enhancement recipes should be treated according to syndrome differentiation

Chinese medicine breast enhancement recipes should be treated according to syndrome differentiation


Chinese medicine breast enhancement recipes should be treated according to syndrome differentiation

A Ping, who is slim and thin, wants to become full and charming, thinking about the most safe and reliable Chinese breast enhancement.

Chinese medicine experts told her that in order to become rich, Western medicine believes that supplementing the uncle is the most important, but Chinese medicine believes that this is closely related to the body’s meridians and blood.

Therefore, although this kind of “body prescription” is not a cure, it must also be based on the constitution of different women, including medication, diet and exercise prescription.

銆€銆€The effect of food breast enhancement varies from person to person. “Doctors, our family genetic women are generally thin, and I hope that they will become more healthy and healthy through treatment.

I have read a lot of information on the Internet. Although there are many ways to breast enlargement, it is said that Chinese medicine is better for breast enhancement or diet therapy, so I would like to hang a number to consult, I hope you can give some advice.

In addition, I heard that foods containing more collagen such as legumes, puerarin, trotters, and chicken feet can expand above. I wonder if it is true?

Is there any special medicine for rapid treatment?

“Aping, who is thin and thin, eagerly tells the doctor about her “condition” in the Chinese medicine clinic.

銆€銆€Li Jianjun, director of the Chinese Medicine Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, told A Ping that legumes are rich in lecithin. Pueraria powder contains flavonoids, pig’s trotters, chicken feet and other foods. Collagen fibers that enhance skin elasticity have certainThe degree of breast enhancement.

“A lot of researches today show that the replacement of traditional Chinese medicine and diet is replaced by other breast enhancement methods, but after all, the degree of breast enhancement that can be achieved in each individual may be different in each individual and may not be fully effective.
Li Jianjun imitated that papaya is widely recognized as a “rich breast beauty”, but even women who eat on a daily basis may not be able to change significantly. Too many girls have a quick and full-fledged mind, but they have not achieved the desired results after blindly eating.

銆€銆€Breast development and meridians, qi and blood related Li Jianjun introduced that Western medicine generally believes that breasts are composed of breast adenocarcinoma and tiny components, of which 90% are small, so some complications are mainly caused by mammary gland dysplasia, minor complications or postpartum breastfeedingThe droop caused the aunt to lose the tiny part.

“So Western medicine breast enhancement is mainly to promote the development of breast and acinar development, and in a slightly stacked skin and elasticity.

“But from the perspective of Chinese medicine, the body is round and the breasts are fully developed, which is closely related to the organs, meridians, qi and blood. Among them, the liver, spleen and stomach, and kidney are the most affected.

“If you have insufficient blood, lip whiteness, dizziness, insomnia, and low blood flow, it will definitely affect your body’s growth and make it undeveloped.

Similarly, lack of kidney deficiency, spleen and stomach, and liver qi and stagnation will lead to poor absorption of nutrients. If you do not adjust your body and improve your physical fitness, it will be difficult to form curvy lines.

Li Jianjun introduced that in general, there are three main types of poor stunting: 1.

Insufficient blood type: mostly due to congenital physical weakness, or acquired nutritional deficiency, waist and kidney deficiency, resulting in this, postpartum milk secretion is insufficient.


Liver qi stagnation type: This type of person is a hot bottom physique or has a habit of eating spicy, mostly manifested as mood swings, easy to get angry, but also easy to be depressed; chest meridian is not smooth, breast pain before the physiological cycle, postpartum milk secretionIt is easy to be short, and the breast is easy to get hard.


Insufficient kidney essence: insufficient congenital endowment, acquired malnutrition, loss to the kidney.

More manifestations of premature aging, less menstrual flow, waist often have a sore feeling, dizziness, memory loss and so on.

銆€銆€Peanuts, dandelion roots, Codonopsis can be introduced by breast experts, including peanuts, dandelion roots, Codonopsis, Angelica and other internal daily recipes can be described as “moisturizing and silent”, can improve the female body to varying degrees, to achieve a rounded effect.