Harland, 5 goals and 8 goals, has been on the scale of Star II at the beginning of his career

Harland, 5 goals and 8 goals, has been on the scale of “Star II” at the beginning of his career
Halland set the first five scoring records in Bundesliga history.This morning, the Bundesliga won the first round of the 22nd round and Dortmund won 4-0 at home.Halland scored his eighth goal in the Bundesliga, setting a record for the first five games in Bundesliga history.Harland only celebrated his 20th birthday this summer. In the last 4 years, he has changed from a teenager playing football with friends in the Norwegian town of Bleny to a supernova that is now being chased by many European giants.Fans are gradually familiar with the name Harland, or derived from Ellin Halland’s father-Alf Halland.Old Halland was once a member of the Norwegian national team. During his career, he played for Nottingham Forest, Leeds United, Manchester City and other teams.Harland Jr., who was born in England, returned to Norway with his family after his father retired due to injury and started his football career locally.At the age of 16, Harland made his debut in the Brunner club he played in his youth, and then scored no goals in 16 games.And he also experienced an unsuccessful trial training in Hoffenheim, Germany.At the time Ellin Halland walked onto the court, the first thing fans remembered was his father.In early 2017, Harland got the chance to play in the Norwegian Super League and joined Molde, who was coached by former Manchester United star Solskjaer.It was also since then that Harland began to change from a boy to a “beast”.After the adaptation period of the first season, Harland performed well in the second season, scoring a total of 16 goals for the team.This also included the game against the league ‘s undefeated leader Brayne. The young Harland scored all 4 goals in 18 minutes. He single-handedly defeated the strongest team in the league and also completed an individual.The first “Big Four” in his career.Under Solskjaer ‘s training, Harland was committed to completing the final blow in front of the goal, and gradually became famous for the lethality on the field. Scouts of some big European clubs began to capture ScandinaviaFresh blood on the peninsula.Little Harland gradually reached the “Star II” label, and the name Harland was given a new story because of his performance.Proofreading Wu Xingfa