Middle-aged greasy men and women, turned out to be a disease?

Middle-aged greasy men and women, turned out to be a disease?


Middle-aged greasy men and women, turned out to be a disease?

Recently, the topic of middle-aged greasy is very hot, from the middle-aged greasy man to the middle-aged greasy woman.

Even Raytheon, Batman, and Iron Man are surrounded by discussions on the topic of the middle-aged crisis.

The United Nations defines a youth population as a population between the ages of 15 and 24.

This means that people born in 1992 have left the youth and entered middle age.

When Xiaobian knew the news, his heart refused, and he did not know how to become a middle-aged person.

However, the word “middle-age greasy” sounds a bit greasy.

The 20 criteria for middle-aged greasy men on the Internet are as follows: 20 kinds of performances of middle-aged women are probably like this: In addition to taste and wearing, Xiao Bian found a very important common point – big belly.

The swim ring on the stomach checks the sign that a person is fat and not fat: it is not a good woman but not a hundred, nor is it a dress that is thin and undressed.

The more commonly used BMI index can be used as a main reference indicator. However, some people have normal BMI index, but in fact, many unfortunate things in the body are unhealthy.

Therefore, fat is not fat, but also refer to the body fat rate, which is a slight proportion of the body.

From the body, you can see how much the unfortunate part of your body is – waist circumference.

To be fat is to have a long belly, this is a very obvious performance.

Those who have the mermaid line vest line, their body fat is mostly in the normal range, even even.

So when you see your big belly, be wary that you may be obese.

Someone refused to Xiaobian, how good if the meat can grow somewhere else.

Xiaobian thought: Yes, if you can grow on others, then it would be better.

Obesity is a disease and even Zhang Zhenyue’s thoughts are a disease, and overweight fat is also a disease.

This is not a joke.

In 2013, the American Medical Association finally determined that obesity itself is a disease.

Be aware that the previous risks were considered as a potential risk of illness rather than being identified as a disease.

Obesity is now treated as a disease, and the effects of excessive health on our health are greater than we think.

According to the World Health Organization, 3.4 million people die each year because of fat.

The higher the number of people in the world, the number of overweight people reached 2.

66 billion.

Obesity is one of the causes of preventable death. It is regarded as a disease and is a health awareness.

An increase in weight can lead to a greater burden on the body, difficulty in breathing, difficulty in exercising, and high joint pressure, which can lead to aggravation of weight gain.

At the same time, the increase in body fat rate can cause various diseases of internal organs, including cardiovascular disease, liver disease, diabetes and so on.

And many health problems caused by obesity may not be able to alleviate the weight loss and completely recover, and can only be alleviated.

Difficulties in losing weight are a reason for the body itself to have a mechanism to maintain a fixed weight, not easy to thin, but can be fat.

For example, this week’s hunger strikes lost two pounds, and after a little bit of eating next week, the body will grow back.

I finally understand why it is so difficult to lose weight – it is my body’s pursuit of stability.

People’s excessive weight is affected by heredity, because too much is inherited.

At the same time, a more important part is influenced by the individual’s lifestyle.

So losing weight is not just about changing your weight, it is the original way of life.

This sentence sounds like chicken soup, but it is indeed the basic method.

The way to build a healthy lifestyle to lose weight is to reduce the weight stability of your body and adapt it slowly, and slowly pull it back to normal level, not so thin 10 pounds so fast.

According to research, the monthly weight loss of two pounds is a relatively peaceful speed, and the body is more acceptable.

If you only do not have to eat snacks, you can only ensure that you will not continue to gain weight, but it is difficult to slim down.Therefore, the lifestyle of healthy weight loss should be: control the daily intake of supplements; mainly eat vegetables and low-sugar fruits; do not overeating, reduce the number of meals, eat less oil, do not eat snacks, desserts, biscuits and other high-fatFood; ensure adequate sleep; daily aerobic exercise for 30 minutes, at least 150 minutes per week for moderate intensity exercise, do not put too much pressure on yourself, weight loss is a gradual process; stick to it, there is no shortcut to lose weight, like liposuctionSurgery, diet pills These are short-lived, but very unhealthy methods.

Correct observation and anticipation of excessive problems are the first step in the extra excess.