10 things that make men crazy

10 things that make men crazy

10 things that make men crazy

Why are dignified men upset?

Now it is popular to ask 10 men to tell you the things that drive him crazy.


Xiongfeng doesn’t always like to brag about how powerful his bed is in front of brothers and women. He only knows how many women have sex with him, but he must lose in front of others.

Regarding sex, men love and hate. Men have deep fears of their sexual abilities in the bottom of their hearts. They are afraid that one day they will suddenly die in bed. The most proud little brother winces., Can no longer sing the flag-raising ceremony, look at the disappointed, even disgusting expression of the woman, thinking that he can no longer revive the glory, this nightmare may make men afraid to commit suicide.Will be popular all over the world, it is exactly hitting the man’s pain!

  Thirty-year-old John said that when he was 20 years old, he had a ridiculous life. At that time, his full desires had nowhere to vent, and he had no girlfriend. He called prostitutes almost every day. Half of his salaryIt was all spent on obscenity, and because it was the uncle who regained more of his own money at that time, he didn’t even care about the problem. Until he began to seriously interact with the girls, he began to care about his performance on the bed.

“I’m worried that I can’t satisfy my woman. I’m also worried that I’m not big enough or long enough. I will pay attention to her reaction during sex. I will even ask her how many orgasms. If I am better than her previous man,.
Although it sounds stupid, I just think it’s important to me.

“One time John drank a glass of wine, and when he wanted to have sex with his girlfriend at night, he couldn’t help it. There was no way to revive the glory. This really affected his self-esteem.

“At that time, I really wanted to die. What’s worse was that I was emotional and anxious, but I had to calm down. Fortunately, my girlfriend was very considerate. She didn’t laugh at me. Although she was a little disappointed, she was gentle.It’s okay to admit that I comforted me and told me that it was because I was too tired and wanted me to take a good rest.

I think when a man fails, the woman ‘s reaction is very important. If the woman ‘s reaction is very serious, it ‘s really embarrassing. When I ‘m not able, my girlfriend ‘s support is very important!

But afterwards I went to the doctor secretly and asked the doctor if I needed to take Viagra.

Whether the bed is OK or not is the most important thing for men in terms of face and self-esteem. Although men’s minds are full of sex, there is also a great need for sex, and how fearful they are that the heroes will no longer be that day!

“Although a man’s mind is full of sex, how much he needs sex, how deep he fears that one day he will be away!


The poor cannot afford to have money. For men, being rich is like buying insurance. Being rich has the right. Many men pursue their career achievements in their lives. The so-called achievements are based on money.With a lot of material enjoyment, even some men think that even women can be satisfied with money as long as they have money.

  ”I was scared when I needed the money.

Before, I wanted to change a car. In order to pay, I carefully calculated my savings and found that I was really poor. After selling a few stocks in my hand, I barely owned the new car. Sadly, I did n’t have extra money to do it.Other things, traveling abroad, shopping, are all extravagant activities, let alone buying a house.

My salary is not high, but it is okay for the middle class, but the salary is never comparable to the price. Especially in Taipei, the house price is so expensive. I do n’t think I can even afford a toilet!

I have reached the age of marriage, and I am thinking about spending the second half of my life with my girlfriend, but I have been worried that the money we earn cannot afford a good living environment and quality of life.

A Qiang, who was about to get married at the age of thirty-two, said.

  Not only are you worried that you do n’t have money to buy a house, you need money for social entertainment, money for dating and girlfriends, money for your family, money for your parents, milk for meals and school meals for your children, and your wife is asking for money every month.

Money, money!

Men are most afraid of having no money!


The middle-aged unemployed workplace is the most noteworthy area in the life of many men, and it is also the place where men make use of their strengths. Although the unemployment rate in Taiwan is not high, it has entered the era of society and science and technology.

Worried that they can’t keep up with the times, more and more men will be eliminated.

Working in the communication industry, Xiaolu, 30, said that he has always been aware of crisis. The communication industry is at the forefront of social trends. Therefore, this industry is thirsty for talent and constantly needs new stimuli and new talents. Once yourThe idea is gone, the idea is old, and it is naturally eliminated.

“I am worried that the so-called middle-aged unemployment will happen to me.

In the eyes of others, I have a high-paying and challenging job, but the rate of wear and tear of such a job is very high, and I am afraid that one day I will really be eliminated by the society relentlessly!

Xiaolu, who is highly aware of the crisis, constantly enriches herself while working. Absorbing more information is the basic homework. In addition to working in her own field, Xiaolu also chooses courses at universities to develop her second expertise, so that you can find for yourselfAfter the point, even if you lose your job, you still have the capital to change jobs.

In addition to cultivating her second expertise, Xiaolu also planned ahead for financial planning. When she was young, she saved a lot of money for herself. In the future, if she encounters a crisis in the workplace, she will not be out of food immediately and cannot survive!


Cuckold Wang Yu not only took someone to catch her on the spot because her wife had another boyfriend, but also insisted to tell, Wang Yu said, “Never let go of my wife’s man!

He has to pay!

Although the reconciliation ended in the end, the whole process was as sensational as a serial.

If you think about it, even the heroes who have gone to the past in martial arts films can’t escape the end of cuckold. It can be seen that for ordinary men, girlfriends, wives and other people will run away with people, they are also afraid.

For a man, cuckold not only loses his face, but also makes friends around him feel that he is not good and has no charm. Otherwise, why would a woman run with others?Cuckold can meet the madness of the man, opened the social edition of the newspaper, because the girlfriend or wife empathized with love and revenge, there are many cases of love killings, showing how much cuckold’s lethality.

  Twenty-eight-year-old Junhao often tells his girlfriend, “If you want to empathize, don’t let me know, please follow three principles. The first is not to let me know, the second is not to let my friends know, and the third is not toFuck with my friends!

“These three points sound funny, but they also truly reflect the fear in the heart of a man.

Junhao once had a girlfriend empathy and romance, and I was particularly touched. “I had a good relationship with my girlfriend. Later, I gradually discovered that she wasn’t right. When she dated me, she was no longer worried. There were a lot of strangeness.The phone number and whereabouts are not clear.

One night she didn’t stay with me and didn’t go home. She said she was with a good friend. I had just met that friend before she died. Her lie was immediately taken apart.

After I kept asking, she said that another man was pursuing her recently and was with him that night.

Knowing that I’m wearing a green hat is really uncomfortable. Apart from upsetting her cheating, I will constantly wonder where I can’t compare to another man?

And there is a feeling of being stepped on my feet, which is unpleasant, and of course it is a great blow to self-esteem!


The affair reveals that many men can’t resist the temptation of affair. The freshness and excitement of affair is like the poison apple of Snow White. It has a fatal attraction to men. In addition to his wife, he also has a woman, a relationship, and more.A woman loves you, cares for you, and allows men to march forward like a moth fluttering fire.

Although the affair’s taste is exciting and sweet, but once the affair is exposed and known by his wife, it can be enough for men to walk around, especially when a woman knows that her husband has an affair, and loves to hate and do n’t know what will happen.When letting men enjoy the affair, there is also a sense of uneasiness in the mind from time to time.

  33-year-old Kevin had an affair two years after marriage. The affair was a good friend for many years, maybe curious, or maybe the marriage life was too bland. Kevin suddenly felt that he liked her one day, so he started her warmly.Pursuing, it happened that the relationship between the other party and the husband also fell into a series. With the friendship relationship as the foundation, the two soon closed their love.

Kevin once again knew the sweetness of love, the pitfalls of love, and the feeling that only the next person was in his head.

However, the men and women in love are always prone to fainting. One day, something happened. Kevin’s wife learned about their relationship from the telephone record. The angry mood made her cry and make no noise, and she almost moved out even hanging.
“My wife really broke my mind when she got into trouble. After all, she has children. She is unlikely to divorce me, and of course I don’t want to divorce her.

Having an affair is of course happy, but I don’t want to get divorced because of an affair.

The affair was my fault, so I had to endure my wife’s trouble. Now she is staring at me very tightly every day. I call and track at any time. I must go home for dinner immediately after work. I am a little bit suspicious.The mental stress also made me have no heart to think about another woman.

Over time, my affair gradually faded, my wife was pretty good!

  After the affair is exposed, most men are very timid and cowardly in the face of their wife’s responsibility. They like to enjoy the pleasure of affair, but are unwilling to bear the price that must be paid after the affair is exposed.

Kevin, who had suffered a bit, said, “Do you dare to have an affair in the future?

“I ‘ll be careful next time, and never let my wife find out!”


Forcing women to marry a man loves a woman, but what a man is most afraid of is also a woman, especially a woman who is an aunt and a woman.

“I really can’t stand how women have so many gossips to talk about, the phone can’t finish talking, and my ears can’t help but want to be quiet!

Xiao Wei, 31, can’t stand his girlfriend’s habit of talking on the phone. This doesn’t matter. Xiao Wei is most afraid of his girlfriend’s nagging.

“The socks must not be littered, the quilt must be folded, and the right side must be folded. It is really annoying to eat, get up, and sleep every day. It is really annoying, and even later I would be afraid of hearing her voice.

In the end it was unbearable, I had to break up with her!

For a man who loves freedom, women who are forced to marry are also scared. They have n’t had enough fun in their lives. How could they be willing to be trapped? Xiao Wei ‘s girlfriend is not only embarrassed, but the tricks of forced marriage are even more difficult for Xiao Wei to fight.I suddenly said that I wanted to buy a ring, and that it was faster for two people to work together to save money. I told my friends everywhere that their marriage was near, and even once said that they had not come and wanted to force Xiaowei to marry him.
“I’m really afraid of being forced to marry.

When I still love her very much, although I was afraid of the forced marriage practices she still could endure: At that time, she said that her physiological period was slow. It might surprise me that she was pregnant. I was thinking about what to do?

Am I really going to marry her?

Fortunately, it was later confirmed that she was only slow and did not become pregnant, but I couldn’t bear the strange ways of forcing her to marry, and the breakup was not surprising.


Being betrayed by the world has its climaxes and ebbs, but if one day life really falls to the bottom, everything will not go smoothly. The feeling of the world betraying you is the most frightening!

Twenty-seven-year-old Yiwen said that he didn’t know how to do it. He had always been deeply afraid from the bottom of his heart, fearing that one day he would lose everything.

“I do n’t know if I have watched more TV shows or I have n’t felt secure since I was a kid. Until now I was out of the society and had a good job. There was a girlfriend who talked about marriage, and I still often wondered whether I would work suddenlyNo, my wife ran away, and I had no money. I could n’t even return home, and no one could bear it. It seemed that the worst things in the world happened to me, like the end of the world.

Wow, that feeling made me scared!

Yiwen said that this sense of fear caused him to tremble, hoping to do the work he should do, be nice to the friends around him, and cherish all of his own.Will appear to me!


Frustrated work in the workplace has no sense of accomplishment. It is troubled by the boss from day to night. However, the hard work has been fruitless for a long time. It has even been overthrown. This kind of work in the workplace is most frightening for men.As a result, all the efforts were in vain, which really made men unbearable.”The sense of accomplishment at work is very important for men. After all, the company is where most men spend the most time and productivity. If they can’t get approval at work, it is really painful.

And I am most afraid of encountering a boss who doesn’t appreciate you, nothing to tell you to do this, that will make you busy and sweaty, and then abandon your poor boss. It is simply a life under this kind of boss!

36-year-old Mr. Wang once experienced this kind of experience. He said that he could say that he lost all his self-confidence. He was nailed to work every day. From childhood to great success, he never felt so useless.Waking up thinking of going to work is very scary, I am afraid that I will not know how to be insulted by my boss when I go to the office today.

This kind of workplace frustration seriously affected his overall emotions. In the end, Mr. Wang realized that he really didn’t agree with his boss. After months of searching for food and food, Mr. Wang changed his job and the bossIt is very close to his philosophy and also supports his approach, and finally found the second spring of his career.


Suddenly there was a child who told his father not to think that Jackie Chan ‘s Dragon Girl incident would not happen to him. The situation of Qi Qin ‘s ex-wife and son going to court to announce that Qi Qin ‘s abandonment may also repeat itself. Be careful of the night ‘s love but it ‘s difficult to clean up.Don’t know yet.

Mr. Chen is a real example. One day after work, he saw his ex-girlfriend waiting for him downstairs in the office building. It was even stranger that he also took a cute kid. Mr. Chen thought that the two had not been in contact for several years.Get married and have children: I didn’t expect my girlfriend to tell him that he was the child’s father!

“At that time, my mind was blank. We had been breaking up for a few years. She never told me about the child. After a long talk, I learned that she was pregnant before the breakup. Because of her bad temper, she decided she wouldThe child was born, but now I think I should know it, so I brought the child to see me.

The woman didn’t ask Mr. Chen to take responsibility, but Mr. Chen was very scared. The child was just a mold printed by him, but he now has a girlfriend he wants, and he really doesn’t know how to explain to his girlfriend and family?

How should I get along with my ex-girlfriend and this child?

Should I take on my father’s responsibility?

Do you have a blood test to see if your child is really his own flesh?

“I have been upset and scared every day since a child suddenly appeared. I don’t know how to deal with it.


Afraid of being old, afraid of getting sick Don’t think that only women are afraid of getting old.

I picked up the photos from my college days and found out how my hair is so much less than before. Occasionally I went out with friends to have a drink, but Tan Xingzheng found that I could n’t bear the sleepy insects. I could n’t stay up late for two or three days like a young age.In the past, the most proud muscles gradually relaxed, the six pack became a muscle, and even the beer belly became rough!

Thirty-five-year-old A Dong said: “To be honest, time is fair to men and women. I used to hate women for fear of getting old, and then spent a lot of money on care products, even plastic surgery, trying to smooth it out.Traces left over the years.

Now I find that the age of transformation is getting older and older, and I am also afraid of getting older. I really feel that my physical strength, appearance and menstruation are incomparable, and even the sex time is much worse than before.

It feels really scary to lose age and get older!

In addition to being afraid of being old, men are also afraid of getting sick. A sick man is embarrassed like a defeated rooster. Especially when he feels completely lost power and control, it makes many big men intolerable.

A Dong had stayed in the hospital for two days because of kidney stones, and those two days were neither standing nor sitting, which made A Dong suffer a lot.

“Wearing sick clothes, letting the nurse nurse and doctor call around, and taking off your clothes and trousers to do all kinds of tests, dignity is lost!

Adong said that he was still young, just because the kidney stones had lived in the hospital for two days, and it was so uncomfortable. What if I suffered from a serious illness one day and not only suffered my own life but also burdened my family?