Massage when fitness, be careful of physical damage

Massage when fitness, be careful of physical damage

Massage when fitness, be careful of physical damage

Every few days, I don’t feel well without massaging, and I don’t feel it when I press it too hard . Experts point out that some professionals in the workplace have replaced fitness exercises with massage, and even “addicted.”

Do you have this situation?

Let’s take a look with Xiaobian, what’s wrong with massage as fitness!

  Mr. Wang, 33, works in a public institution. Because he has been sitting in the office using a computer for a long time, he has a sore neck and shoulders after working for a day. He always feels uncomfortable. After work, he has time to do health care and foot therapy. He used to like basketballDon’t fight anymore.

Now I panic if I do n’t press it for two days, and he presses it more than once. He always feels that the masseur’s technique is too light, and the press is not fun.

  A 28-year-old foreign company white-collar Miss Yang has a similar situation. She used to go to the gym to do sports after work. Since a friend took her for a massage, she found that doing a massage in the air-conditioned room can move the muscles without being affected.So I changed the fitness card into a massage card.

After massaging the syringe, she found that if she did not press for a while, she would feel sore. The frequency of massage was getting higher and higher, but the effect was getting worse and worse.

“They are all addicted to massage.

Liao Weijing, a professor of rehabilitation at the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, said that the so-called addiction means that someone has replaced massage.

Excessive massage will form the habit of passive force. The more you press, the more you will become addicted and uncomfortable. This situation is more common in the workplace.

  He said that the current common massage group is mainly patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. Early proper massage can relax muscles and relieve fatigue, but massage is also a kind of stimulation. Excessive massage will break the balance of the human body, leading to adverse consequences, such as excessivePeople in pedicure will look dull.

  Liao Weijing specifically pointed out that in proportion to exercise, massage is far from sufficient for muscle burst and endurance training. The main reason for urban people to have backaches and body weakness is mainly too little exercise. Therefore, the more comprehensive health care is to participate moreVarious physical work or sports.