The world’s top 10 top health massage methods

The world’s top 10 top health massage methods

The world’s top 10 top health massage methods

Core Tip: Health care has become more and more important for today’s life. Today, I will introduce the world’s top 10 top health massage methods.

  Four traditional massage methods Traditional Thai massage Thai massage is the most intense of all kinds of massages. It was created by Thai doctor Jiva Kokkuma based on ancient Thai western western massage methods and some Chinese immigrant massage methods., At that time as the highest etiquette to entertain the royal nobility.

Its technique is also engraved on the veranda wall of Wat Pho Temple, where it is called “Thai Massage Base”.

  Massage time 60?
120 minutes main function-enhance the flexibility of the body If you want to move your joints, soothe your muscles, increase your flexibility, and you do n’t want or do n’t have time to take the initiative, try Thai massage.

This massage is actually passive yoga for the experiencer. It uses unique push-pull pedals to shake the foot, etc., and works on muscle fascia and joints by pressing the foot, waist, and ridges.High intensity exercise.

  Other effects-relieve tension and fatigue, accelerate abnormal burning, regulate perfusion and other organ functions, enhance immunity, massage details without using massage oil.

The masseuse starts from the toes and massages up to the top of the head, with the hips, waist and joints as the focus of the massage.

Masseurs use two hands, two arms, two feet, and body weight to roll, squeeze, and pull the experiencer’s body, stimulating muscles and connective tissue.

You will feel pain during the massage, especially for the first-time user. The masseuse of the Thai massage may not be able to bear. The responsible masseur will communicate the massage strength with the user and remind them to relax the body completely and not to twist.

  Traditional Japanese massage parlours are spread in China. They were brought to Dongyu by Chinese businessmen during the previous exchanges.

Although this statement has not been clearly confirmed, even Japanese medical experts acknowledge that the techniques of Japanese massage and Chinese massage are strikingly similar.

However, the masseur knelt on the back of the experiencer and massaged with intervention and other methods is still very Japanese.

  Massage time 60?
90 minutes main function-Pain relief When you have headaches, back pain, waist and leg pain, menstrual pain and other injuries, choose Japanese massage is very suitable, you can directly suppress pain and relieve pain symptoms through muscle stretch reflex.

  Other effects-improve skin texture, relieve muscle fatigue, improve human immunity, prevent aging of blood vessels. Massage Details To avoid abrasions of the skin, masseurs usually apply massage oil to the experiencer before the massage.

When massaging, use your fingers to touch the abdomen, palms, or alignment operations, and use them as support. Use your body weight instead of wrist force to press down or rub vertically. Do not use swing motions.

During the massage, the masseur will increase the strength evenly and slowly, and will not increase the intensity rapidly.

  Traditional European massage European massage originated from ancient Greece and ancient Rome and was called “the movement of nobles”. At that time, ordinary people were prohibited from enjoying this kind of health care.

After the Industrial Revolution, this massage method began to prevail in European countries.

  Massage details European-style massage is gentle, push, press, and touch. It uses a variety of aromatic oils to massage along the direction of muscle fibers, the direction of lymph, and the direction of blood vessels. It gives a relaxed, natural and comfortable feeling.

  Massage time 70?
90 minutes main effect-Improve muscle nutrition metabolism European massage can make muscle fibers passive, promote muscle nutrition metabolism, relax stretched muscles, and improve muscle tolerance.

Many athletes use this massage method to reduce muscle tension before the game and relieve muscle soreness after the game.

  Other effects-improve myocardial oxygen supply, promote lymph circulation, prevent osteoporosis, improve constipation.

  Traditional Chinese massage: Chinese massage has a long history, and the main purpose of health care and treatment is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine.

Legend has it that the theocratic doctor Hua Hua of the Warring States Period was his inventor. After thousands of years of medical exploration, this massage method is now relatively complete.

  Massage time 60?
90 minutes main function-help the rehabilitation of chronic diseases Chinese massage varies from person to person, dialectical treatment, by stimulating specific points and meridians, balance yin and yang, adjust qi and blood, and help the recovery of chronic diseases.

  Other functions-Enhance immunity, regulate mood, slimming massage details Chinese massage methods are many, including pressing, kneading, vibrating, etc. In addition to using the fingertips to operate, it is also commonly used in the knuckles, back of the hand, elbows and other parts.

When massaging the back and acupuncture points of the limbs, the masseur usually guides with force; when massaging the head and abdominal points, it will not be too hard.

When massaging abdominal points, the masseuse will ask the experience to cooperate with breathing.

  Three modern massage methods Korean massage Korean massage is an improvement of Korean home massage. It is a moderate-priced beauty massage method. It is also called “Korean loose bone” in the beauty industry.

In addition to the prominent feature of “loose bone”, oil push and hot compress are also the main contents of Korean massage, and Korean massage often includes shampooing, manicure, and Chinese herbal bathing.

  Massage time-more than 80 minutes, the main effect-Beauty Although Korean massage was originally used for “bone loosening”, it is more attractive for its beauty effect.

Through the use of methods, beauty massage agents and facial masks, it can remove facial pigmentation and acne and enhance skin elasticity.

  Other effects-prevent soft tissue damage and bone and joint strain, improve muscle nutritional supply, eliminate fatigue, invigorate the details of massage. The first contact of Korean massage is “loose bone”, which is used by masseurs to run along the scapula, spine, and sacrum.Use the trigger to perform massage; relax the limbs and then use maifan stone or hot water bottle to apply heat to the skin and place it on the shoulder joints and cold spine for about 10 minutes; after the pores are fully opened, the masseur will pour the massage oil into the palm and rub itHeat, then oil massage back and limbs.

  Hong Kong-style massage: Hong Kong-style massage is a new massage method created by Guangdong doctors on the basis of the southern coastal area’s massage techniques and absorbing western oil massage techniques.
Mainly include thumb and abdomen compression method, step back method and push oil method.

  Massage time-40?
60 minutes main effect-eliminate muscle fatigue If you feel stepping on, stepping on muscle stiffness, Hong Kong massage is suitable.

It has good effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, can obviously regulate, protect overworked muscle tissue, promote lactic acid metabolism of muscle fibers, eliminate muscle pain, and enhance muscle elasticity.

  Other effects-improve human nutrition metabolism, massage internal organs, moisturize skin massage details1.
When masseurs apply pressure with one or both thumb thumbs, the experiencer can obviously feel sour, bloated, and painful.


Stepping on the back is usually performed on the basis of acupressure.

The masseuse holds the bed bars or rings with both hands and presses on the massaged area with one or two feet. The heels are used to press the waist, hips, and shoulders; the toes are used to press the back of the thigh, spine, and neckRoot; the sole of the foot presses the back of the thigh, the coccyx and the back.


Before the oil massage, the masseur will apply massage oil on the back, back of the lower limbs, and the back of the neck, spread the hands flat, and apply force to the person to push forward, causing the muscles to wrinkle and roll forward.

  Hot Stone Massage In 1993, American massage master Mary Nelson introduced this hot stone massage method with special essential oils (based on personal constitution), which immediately attracted a large number of Hollywood stars.

  Massage time-75?
The main function of 90 minutes-Deep Detox Hot Stone can not only stimulate acupoints, but also increase the absorption of essential oils by the skin. Therefore, Hot Stone Massage has a deep detox effect, which can purify the internal organs.

  Other effects-Regulate nerves, relieve fatigue, eliminate bad emotions. Massage details. The user lies on a pre-heated couch; masseurs apply essential oils and pre-heated massage stones on different energy centers, such as the forehead.Fore neck, abdomen, hands, feet, etc .; then use massage stones for deep muscle massage in combination with hand skills.

  Three major sources of fashion BODY-FIT massage history-French massage time-75 minutes Main function-Elimination of cellulite massage details-The masseuse first exfoliates the entire body of the experiencer; then massages gently with the essential oil from the foot upwardsLegs, abdomen, buttocks, and finally relaxing back massage.

Through the communication with the experiencer during the massage process, the masseuse reapplied different strengths and techniques to the special parts with poor blood flow.

  TOUCH-LIFE massage history source-German massage time-90 minutes Main function-Elimination of fatigue and fatigue Massage details-Before the massage, the masseur communicates with the experiencer, and the brakes are targeted. Then, the masseur uses the massage oil and kneads, Touching and other methods to relax different parts of the body.

The experiencer should breathe calmly and rhythmically, and the masseur can choose the massage speed to be consistent with the cooperation.

  These times are not suitable for massage: women’s menstrual periods; when they have a will; when they are too obese; when they are too full; after drinking; when they have infectious diseases.

  Source of lymphatic massage history-French massage time-120 minutes Main function-Lymphatic drainage detoxification massage details-The masseuse gradually experience the rubbing of the lymph flow direction, and use the thumb or other four fingers to close together at each position of the lymphatic system repeatedlyRub for about 1 minute.

Because the lymph glands are very sensitive, and the purpose of the massage is to strengthen the rhythm of the lymph circulation, without alleviating muscle fatigue, the force is lighter during the massage.