The starting point of a quiet Japanese town journey

The starting point of a quiet Japanese town journey


The starting point of a quiet Japanese town journey


Yes, it is Toyama!

It is not Mount Fuji in Japan, Busan in South Korea, or Toyama in a small town in Hailing, Japan.

The scenery is pleasant and the climate is comfortable and the four seasons are distinct. This small town, which is still unknown, is full of unknown charm. The Golden Autumn Tour begins here!

銆€銆€Toyama Prefecture is located in the central part of Honshu, which is known as the Sea of Japan. It has a peak in the east and a sea in the north. It is surrounded by nature.

The undulating peaks of the mountains are the birthplace of many rivers, and the rivers wash out the majestic canyons, which are rich in territory.

There is also a vast plain, including Kurobe River, and several rivers inside the Shintokawa River formed along the shores of Toyama Bay.

These rivers slowly flow into the arc-shaped Toyama Bay.

銆€銆€In the southwestern part of Fushan County, Zhuangchuan Gorge, between the Xiaomu Reservoir and the Zushan Mountain, has abundant and quiet traffic.

On the other side of the deep valley on the other side of the river, there are cherry blossoms in the spring and autumn leaves in the red leaves. From the Komaki Reservoir to the Daegu Onsen, you can enjoy a fascinating view on the boat for about an hour.

銆€銆€Sakura-machi, which is close to the town, has been closely related to water since ancient times.

Zhuangchuan flows here to the Libo Plain. In ancient times, it used to be a timber distribution center for missile forests.

銆€銆€In the town, there is a water-themed Sakura-cho Water Memorial Park. It is a good place for people to relax, with a waterfall and a small river centered on a large spray pool that can spray water to a height of 36 meters.

In the suburbs of Zhuangchuan, there are many health and cultural facilities, such as Tanggu Hot Springs, a beautiful scenery with the Lukang Waterfall and the Bear Chasing Waterfall. The colorful pavilion of the water displays the scenery of the past exiles of wood, and the Zhuangchuan Special Estate Museum.Introduce the tradition and culture of the town.