Baby facial expressions revealed

Baby facial expressions revealed


Baby facial expressions revealed


Grinning, expressing excitement and joy. The baby laughs suddenly, briefly and quickly, with the corners of the mouth touching, and the smile suddenly appearing. The accompanying performance is full of light, shaking both hands, stretching the charm.

At this time, the parents should report a smile, gently stroke the baby’s cheek, and kiss him on the forehead to give encouragement.


Mouth, which means asking the baby to pinch his mouth, seems to be aggrieved. This is a precursor to crying, and actually requires adults.

At this time, parents should carefully observe the baby’s requirements, and meet his needs in a timely manner, such as feeding him milk, making him happy.


Pouting and grinning mean peeing. Baby boys usually pout to indicate peeing, while baby girls usually use pouting or upper lips with lower lips to indicate peeing.


Red face and horizontal eyebrows indicate that babies who want to poop often first burst their eyebrows, then the face becomes red, the eyes are dull, and there is a clear “impatient” reaction.

This is a signal to have a bowel movement, and parents should immediately address his “urgency” needs.