Five major dietary treatments for men with chronic gastritis

Five major dietary treatments for men with chronic gastritis


Five major dietary treatments for men with chronic gastritis


Develop good eating habits, mainly three meals a day, diet should be regular, regular quantitative, so that can form a good conditioning, is conducive to digestion and absorption.

Avoid overeating, overeating will increase the burden on the stomach, and it is easy to cause acute gastric dilatation, acute episodes of inflammation, if it causes gastric ulcer, and can even lead to gastric bleeding or gastric perforation, therefore, it is not violent to overeating.

A small amount of meals can neutralize gastric acid and reduce the stimulation of gastric mucosa on the complications of the mucosa.

Relax when you eat, concentrate on your mind, don’t interfere with other affairs, don’t eat while reading newspapers, work, take a break after dinner and start working.


Avoid cold, alcohol, tobacco, spicy choice of easy to digest diet, avoid eating hard, cold, rough foods containing too much cellulose, such as leeks, celery, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, old dishes, kelp, cold drinks and so on.

Reduce the bad stimulation of food on the stomach, avoid alcohol and tobacco, do not eat spicy and irritating foods, such as raw garlic, mustard, pepper, hard alcohol and other foods that have damage to the gastric mucosa, while avoiding too acidic, too spicy, tooHot food.


Eat more protein, vitamin foods, pay attention to eat more protein, vitamins.

Green vegetables such as eggs, milk, meat, fish and shrimp, tofu, soy milk and carrots to increase protein and vitamins, which is beneficial to the repair of gastric mucosa.

All kinds of food should be fresh, should not be stored for too long, and should not be eaten.

People with low stomach acid should always eat some sour food.

Chronic atrophic gastritis, patients with too little stomach acid, can eat some such as yogurt, vinegar diet and acidic fruits (Hawthorn, kiwi, orange, strawberry), etc., to stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion, increase appetite.

People with too much stomach acid should not eat foods that are easy to produce acid.

Such as sucrose, sweet pastries, glutinous rice dumplings, sweet potatoes and strong teas that stimulate gastric acid secretion, coffee, alcohol, concentrated broth and so on.

You can eat soda crackers, steamed buns, water and other alkaline foods to neutralize stomach acid.

Proteins have the effect of increasing gastric acid secretion and avoiding excessive intake.

What is the treatment of chronic gastritis?

Avoid long-term use of drugs that are irritating to the gastric mucosa, avoid long-term use of drugs that are irritating to the gastric mucosa, such as painkillers, fenbide, aspirin, indomethacin, prednisone, etc., long-term waste of such drugs and damage to the gastric mucosa, causing chronic gastritis and ulcers.


Pay attention to the nutritional balance, often eat stomach food, daily diet in addition to avoid eating, should be wide and should not be narrow, food types are considered to be mixed, vegetarian ingredients, thick and thick combination, not partial eclipse, to ensure the intake of various nutrientsTo meet the needs of the body.

Miscellaneous grains contain more cellulose. To be boiled, you can’t eat too much. You can eat millet red jujube porridge, rice yam porridge, lentils original rice porridge, soft rice, thin noodles, and fine noodles to protect the stomach and mucous membranes.
The diet of chronic gastritis should also be combined with the patient’s physical condition and the nature of the disease.

Chinese medicine believes that people with spleen and stomach deficiency can usually eat a small amount of ginger, pepper and other products that are cold in the cold; people with insufficient stomach and yin should eat lilies, lotus roots, honey, milk and other products of Ganrunshengjin; patients with liver and stomach qi stagnationCan eat more radish, kumquat, orange peel, etc.; and people with spleen and stomach qi deficiency, should use red dates, yam, lotus seeds and other auxiliary conditioning; people with spleen and stomach dampness, should use barley, lentils, lotus leaves and other spleenWet product.