Chestnut shell cure is not feasible

Chestnut shell cure is not feasible

Chestnut shell cure is not feasible

The use of corn husks for the treatment of bacterial dysentery (hereinafter referred to as bacillary dysentery) is widely spread among the people, and it is also a recipe used by folk quacks, and it is common to suffer.

This often leads to the conversion of simple bacteremia to toxic bacteremia, acute bacterial cell deterioration to chronic bacteremia, milder patients suffering, severe funeral lives.

This is by no means alarmist.

The author once encountered a case of bacillary dysentery, which caused toxic intestinal paralysis due to accidental ingestion of millet shells for several consecutive days, and grew into a paralytic intestinal obstruction. Finally, he had unbearable abdominal pain, and he and his family agreed to do so.Laparotomy.
Segmental necrosis of the colon was found during operation, multiple miliary perforations, and diffuse suppurative peritonitis.

Later, due to multiple rescues, it was invalid and eventually died.

  Millet husk is the dried husk of poppy, commonly known as rice husk.

Ging Tingxian, a medical doctor in the Ming Dynasty, commented on it in four sentences: “The millet shell is astringent, it is suffocating and exhausting, and it is like a god when it is sick and a sword if it is a killer.”

However, many people use the second sentence as the theoretical basis for treating bacillary dysentery, ignoring its toxic and side effects, leading to serious adverse consequences.

Millet shell is astringent, has the effect of solidifying the intestines and preventing diarrhea. It has a long-lasting diarrhea that does not heal, even prolapse of the anus.This auxiliary method is easy to put into use, and it can really get good results.

But millet shell is not suitable for the treatment of acute bacillary dysentery.

  Chinese medicine believes that the cause of mycorrhizal fungus is damp heat accumulation, and treatment should be based on clearing away dampness and heat, and mainly leading to drainage and avoiding astringency.

The use of millet husks in the presence of exogenous evils has led to the danger of “staying behind closed doors.”

This is exactly what Gong Tingxian’s predecessor warned of “killing a man like a sword”.

According to modern medical analysis, the killing or inhibiting effect of millet shell on dysenteriae.

The residual amount of morphine in millet shell is about 0.

2%, every 10 grams of millet shell is equivalent to 20 mg of morphine, and most of the folk medicine habits are more than 10 grams, far exceeding the usual amount of morphine (5-10 mg each time).

Because it has a very strong anesthetic effect, it can indeed temporarily reduce the symptoms of abdominal pain, and can significantly reduce bowel motility, and the number of stools is also reduced immediately.

The temporary relief of symptoms, giving the illusion of healing, masks the truth of the gradual deterioration of the internal condition, thereby giving up or relaxing the treatment of the cause.

At this time, the pathogenic bacteria and their toxins stay in the intestinal tissue necrosis and cannot be discharged, and then absorbed into the blood circulation through the intestinal mucosa, aggravating the symptoms of toxic blood, which causes a small amount of toxic intestines such as fullness, abdominal distension, and defecation.Flatulence.

Severe cases can develop into toxic intestinal paralysis, intestinal necrosis, and even life-threatening if not treated in time.

In addition, dysentery bacillus can be further latent in the deep tissues of the intestinal wall, which is difficult to remove, causing a prolonged course of disease and repeated attacks.

  The disadvantages of millet hulls in treating bacillary dysentery should cause us to attach great importance, especially in the early onset of acute and toxic bacteremia, the use of millet husks should be listed as an absolute contraindication.

  The medicine used by the “Little Ghost” was laughed at by Sun Wenyi’s mother, Anhua Road, Shanghai. “Even you can’t bear to buy the medicine and take more.

“I shook my head and retorted:” The choice of medicine is not expensive, it is symptomatic; the medication is not much, it is reasonable.

This is her daughter’s medication experience, and she hasn’t missed it for more than two decades.

“Last year, my bowel was flatulent, sometimes constipated, and sometimes diarrhea. My friend introduced a lot of medicines, what Malen pills, Yimeng stop, fluorophenolic acid, and” ×× vials “,” ×× 王 “and many more.

I analyzed carefully, laxatives and antidiarrheals are both temporary and not effective, and should not be used; stools have been tested, no bacteria, so antibiotics should not be used; as for health products, good is good, but too expensive, consumption is not expensiveUp.

I think, since the role of these health products is to balance the body flora and regulate metabolic functions, why not buy some medicines with similar effects.

So I went straight to the pharmacy and bought an extra box of lactase for 1 yuan, which is a dry preparation of live lactobacillus.

Take it down a few times, hi, Zhenling!

The intestines are obedient!

  I like to read medical science books, so I know some pharmacological knowledge of commonly used medicines. While benefiting myself, I often benefit others.

Once in the pharmacy, I saw a young man who looked like a migrant worker and eagerly requested to buy painkillers, antibiotics, and antipyretics. The salesperson took several medicines and the price was tens of yuan.

I looked at the distressed side, it is not easy for migrant workers to make money in Shanghai.

So I whispered to ask him if he was unwell. He said that he was caught in the rain and cold, and had a nasal congestion and headache.

I said that this is a typical cold symptom. Buy a plate of sensitization, which relieves headaches and fever. You must be hot now, you can buy two more tablets of Analgin, take 1 tablet each time, drink plenty of water,Get more rest and you’ll be fine.

The young man did what he said and only spent a few dollars.The salesperson looked at me: “It seems like a doctor.

“I snickered.” Amateur.

“However, I sincerely hope that the pharmacy salesperson can master the common sense of medicines so that patients can buy medicines reasonably and economically.

One week later, I met this migrant worker near my home, and he was shopping happily with his girlfriend. I was glad to see it.

  In this way, my petite amateur “doctor” happily “medicated” himself, his family, and friends.

After the reform of the medical insurance system, I went to the pharmacy to buy more medicines, and I am one of them.

I am very concerned about those cheap and good medicines on the counter, such as aspirin, multi-enzyme tablets, etc. They are still very good medicine, such as late beauty, no one cares.

I think: With the wide variety of medicines and the great drop in medicine prices, and today’s meager wages, it is important to understand our illness and learn to choose medicines scientifically and economically.