New hot yoga is suitable for those who do not love sports

New hot yoga is suitable for those who do not love sports


New hot yoga is suitable for those who do not love sports

You don’t like exercise to lose weight, it doesn’t matter, this set of yoga is made for people who don’t love sports, come and learn to learn!

  There is currently a yoga center approved by Bikram Choudhury, the founder of hot yoga.

The center invited the founder’s disciple Jim last week?

Callett came to participate in the annual hot yoga competition.

What does this hot yoga master think of this set of health exercises.

  ”Hot Yoga” is a popular method of keeping in good health in recent years. It pioneered the Indian yoga master “Bikram Choudhury”, so it is also known as “Bikram Yoga”.

But in the Chinese world, it is generally called “hot yoga” and some people call it “hot yoga”.

  The so-called hot yoga, as the name implies, attaches great importance to “hot” and has strict requirements on venue and temperature.

Hot yoga practice rooms or classrooms have modern heating equipment, the principle of which is to quickly heat the body temperature in high temperature environments.

Simply put, hot yoga is a practice of yoga in a high-temperature, high-adjacent environment.

  Even how “hot” is hot yoga?

The normal room temperature must be higher than the body temperature, but because the temperature and humidity are different around the world, it is generally controlled between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius.

  Hot yoga teenagers are very popular in Europe and the United States, and the hot yoga wind has also blown into Asia in the past two or three years. There is currently a Bikram Yoga City Hall, a yoga center recognized by Bikram Yoga founder Bikram udhury.

  Callet said that under long-term practice, hot yoga has effects on insomnia, physical strength, weight loss, and stress relief.

  The heated iron is easy to play “Bikram Yoga City Hall” at a Bikram Yoga competition that started last Wednesday, and invited the proud disciple Jim of Hot Yoga founder Bikram Choudhury?

Jim Kallett came to judge.

“People are more vulnerable to practicing yoga when their body temperature is not hot enough. For example, the following is like a piece of heated iron. It is easy to twist it and easily change its shape.Steel that has not been heated is difficult to change shape.

He said that hot yoga can quickly warm the limbs of the body and increase the softness of joints and muscles.

Some yoga practitioners tend to stiffen their muscles and bones because of national sports on weekdays, and it is easier to soften yoga in a specific environment such as a high-temperature classroom.

In this way, unless the body is excluded from exercise, it is easier to complete different subdivisions and less likely to be injured.

Therefore, high-temperature yoga is suitable for both beginners and people who have not exercised for a long time.

  Callett said that hot yoga scholars practice yoga in high-temperature classrooms and do directional exercises, which increases the speed of blood flow and increases body temperature. In a short period of time, sweat will drip and the skin will sweat a lot.Undesirable substances are also excreted through sweat for the purpose of detoxification.

  The 90-minute practice of 26 action yogas has a thousand-year history, and several major factions have also evolved to develop dozens of different categories.

Callet said that hot yoga is based on Hatha Yoga, which is one of the important genres of yoga, and it is also a more popular and familiar yoga practice method.

  What is Hatha Yoga Callet: “In the word Hatha, the so-called” Ha “stands for the sun, and ‘tha’ means the moon.

Therefore, “Hada” means balance, balance between day and night.

“Each class of hot yoga takes 90 minutes. Scholars must continue to practice 26 specially designed movements, including two breathing methods and 24 movements. The course includes lying, alternatives, etc.

These two actions can directly stimulate the nervous and muscular system and improve spinal softness.

  Callett has more than ten years of hot yoga practice experience, and he consciously benefits a lot. He currently has a hot yoga classroom in San Diego, USA.

He said that after 90 minutes of practice, the body can reach a state of equilibrium, and then the oxygen-filled fresh blood is delivered to all parts of the body.

Under long-term practice, hot yoga has effects on insomnia, physical strength, weight loss, and stress relief.

  As long as you are in good health, you can practice hot yoga for men, women, and children.

“I want more people to know hot yoga and get benefits from it and practice their bodies well,” Carlet said.