Six steps to promotion

Six steps to promotion

Six steps to promotion

If you find that your current job has no future, you may need to change your boss.

  ”Promotion is traditionally a change of position within an organization.

“The general manager of someone’s management consulting firm said,” Today, it refers to any job change that helps people achieve their career goals within an existing company, rather than within them.

“Whether you decide to stay with the company you are looking for, or if you plan to pursue another career, the following 6 steps will help you succeed in your career.

  1. Report your goals to your boss “If you want to be promoted, you must let your leaders know and tell them your goals and expertise directly.

“After working in a finance company for two years, Lisa learns that she will take over as customer service manager.

However, she did not get the most oily job in the position-designing training materials for new clients.

This is the job of her new boss.

  But the new boss didn’t have time to design it by himself, so Lisa suggested herself.

She said to her new boss, “I’m creative, and I have design and writing experience. Just wait and see me.” Within 3 months, she completed the job and the design materials were very popular.

Not long after, Lisa was promoted to deputy director of her department.

  2. Plan ahead to solve difficult goals. Objectives can get you noticed, but you still need to prove yourself.

Many well-known capable employees who have been wandering in the same position for many years have proved that it is not enough to just do the existing work.

You should focus on the next job.

  Five years ago, Hui Ping served as the company’s personnel manager.

As soon as she took office, she encountered a tricky thing: because the company’s managers had just moved to a new office a few kilometers away, the employees in the warehouse felt neglected and emotionally fluctuated, and Hui Ping’s heart became more distracted as she left.

She then relocated her office to the warehouse.

Later, she trained warehouse administrators to work as troubleshooters and deal with various issues that employees care about.

As she handled the cut very appropriately, she was quickly promoted.

  Huiping is forced to carry the burden of her boss, but you must not wait for the crisis to prove your courage.

A career consultant advises you that it is best to find a way to prove another job that you can do.

  As you take on more responsibilities, you should always keep track of what you have achieved, something that has saved the company time, money, or made new products available.

This results file can help you advance in two ways: one is that you can use it to re-include the report of the new responsibility, and the other is that you can use it to reconstruct your resume.

  3. Put forward constructive opinions. In the past, the followers of bosses were often able to rise step by step, but now, representatives pay more attention to employees who dare to express different views.

These people’s insights often enable companies to avoid major losses or trouble.

  After the new account manager Li Jun took office, he attended the company’s high-level meeting the next day to discuss a car primer introduced by the company.

“Our paint has always been yellow.

“He said at the meeting,” but from the conversations with customers, we know they prefer light gray.

“Even if he just entered the league, Li Jun calmly explained why changing the color of the primer to gray can increase sales.

Today, light gray primer is one of the company’s best-selling products.

Li Jun boldly put forward his own opinions, but he is also quite shrewd and smooth, just cautiously attracting the needs of customers.

  Experts believe that Li Jun’s strategy is impeccable and worthy of emulation.

That is to say, do not directly oppose the views of others, but put forward constructive opinions appropriately.

Don’t say “your way won’t work” and say “if this is the case, the effect may be better.

4. Go all out to assist his superior A Qiang as a junior employee in a real estate company in Shanghai.

His job is to research maps and call customers who may be interested in renting skyscrapers built by the company.

When the top boss said he wanted to call him, he readily agreed.

A Qiang knows the real estate situation in Shanghai, and his boss knows the needs of various tenants.The two quickly joined hands, and the directors of Gushi went to persuade the tenants to rent the commercial building they were selling.

  Over the years, the two have been helping each other and working together very well.

Later, when the supervisor changed his career to senior management consultant, he introduced Aqiang to another large real estate company in the city.

“The key is that he trusts me.

A Qiang explained, “Once he is looking for someone to negotiate a big business, he knows he’s relieved to send me.

5. The time to win the trust of colleagues in the intriguing competition between colleagues has passed. Many companies have laid off employees to reduce expansion, which has greatly increased the workload of employees.

Under this name, the division of labor and cooperation is suddenly particularly important.

Without the support of a colleague-be it a supervisor or a subordinate-you will have a hard time doing one thing.

  Yingjie is the director of a meat processing company.

For him, the support of colleagues is crucial.

For the past 20 years, he has started from the production line and gradually advanced to senior leaders.

Yingjie used to negotiate with the foreman on behalf of everyone to resolve disputes, and employees trusted her.

It was this trust that led to repeated promotions.

Company leaders know that Yingjie can be a competent manager for her prestige among employees.

  ”The promoted has a good reputation in the company.

“Zhang Li of the New Century Futures Vocational College said,” The reason they can skyrocket is because people and supervisors at the same level trust them.

“6. Commit to creating a job yourself Even if there is no suitable job for a while, you can still create a job for yourself and be promoted.

Saxton Bell at the famous communications agency?

When Howe was in office, a senior manager analyzed the company’s many branches and worked out plans to coordinate its work.

Thaxton focused on Verdine Film Production.

Although the company has been losing money, Saxton knows it can turn a profit.

  To this end, he proposed a specific market development plan, suggesting that the company should sell film studios, focus on consulting and sales of new products, the boss paid great attention, and promoted Saxton to the company.Vice President, in charge of market development.

In less than a year, he made the Chicago branch of the Verding company profitable.

Saxton proved his ability to merge with the company with actual results, thus creating a higher position for himself.

  Whether you want to be promoted in the current company or try to find a more ideal job outside, these 6 steps will help you reach your goals. As long as you persist, be flexible and smart, you will find the next promotionJust around the corner.