6 OL anti-aging preservation methods_1

6 OL anti-aging preservation methods_1

6 OL anti-aging “preservation” methods

First, you must go to bed early and get up early. There is no future for staying up late.
  The criterion for judging a person’s health level is the person’s blood gas level.
Sleep is the best and most important way to replenish blood gas, even more important than food supplement.
A lot of mm staying up late is actually a habit of continuing the boredom of the middle of the night (7 ~ 10 o’clock), playing games, watching novels, chatting with people, flirting, etc., are not things that must be done.
The beautiful woman slept out.
Although lack of sleep is harmful to the body, it not only affects work and study, but also affects physical and mental health, causing various diseases, but too much sleep is also harmful.
As the saying goes: “The sore that you get is the disease that you get from sleeping.
“Too much sleep, the body’s various functions are sluggish, and it will cause illness over time.
This shows that sleep is indispensable but not greedy.
  In addition, sleepiness is not good for your health.
People who can’t afford bed in the morning can’t sleep well. They often lie in bed thinking and worrying.
From a physiological point of view, the body’s basal generation rate is at the lowest level after one night.
If you fall in love in the morning, brain tissue will consume a lot of brain energy substances such as oxygen, glucose, and amino acids.
This will cause insufficient brain nutrition, fatigue, and atrophy, which will make people lazy and inert for a long time.
  It is also bad for the respiratory system.
Because the doors and windows are closed at night during sleep, the air in the bedroom is turbid in the morning, and the content of harmful substances such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, dust particles and pathogenic microorganisms increases.
At this time, if you sleep behind closed doors and windows, you will undoubtedly be affected by the dirty air, which will contribute to the development of respiratory diseases such as colds, cough, and bronchial asthma.
It also affects immune function.
The immune function of the human body is flourishing, and the emotion is weak.
Even for people suffering from certain diseases, diligent exercise (especially morning exercise) can effectively regulate and improve the immune function, and thus help recovery.
People who have a habit of sleeping lazily often do not get exercised, and their immune function will decrease over time.
Messing with the biological clock even more.
People who have a regular diet and pay attention to the rhythm of life, the secretion of a variety of hormones, enzymes and other biologically active substances in the body is coordinated and relatively balanced, has a certain rhythm, and is conducive to health.
  The second point is to develop good living habits, maintain a clean living environment and eating habits, and maintain exercise habits.
  Those who are over 100 years old have a habit of loving cleanliness (don’t get me wrong, it ‘s not a cult-like extreme cleanliness, sitting on a sofa and having guests put on their trousers), like to clean the house often,Hair is neatly combed, clothes change and washed quickly . Think about it. A person who is always not so clean and turbid, will his eyes be opaque and his thinking opaque?
People are confused, they are completely old, no matter how delicious and good medicine, then they die.
You have been doing this for a long time, not only destroying the environment and the mood of others, but even more tragic is that your body must be damaged.
  Now some mm, I like to eat on the bed, and go to sleep with cookie crumbs and candy paper, that sweet and fragrant!
I woke up the next morning, just like everyone else, when the quilt was dumped, I went out, and when I came back at night to continue to roll the quilt, I fell asleep with peace of mind and chic!
Or some mm, do not change underwear for a lot of days, it ‘s okay to stick the pads (it can be, but the skin is abraded, not good), and the piles that are replaced are waiting to be washed, so how to prevent gynecological diseases?
After eating, the dishes are not washed in time, and piled up in the sink to wait for plaques . Although it is a bit exaggerated, these details of life need to be managed, be lazy, everyone loves you, evenGod loves you all!
  About sports.
The right amount of exercise is also a way to replenish blood gas.
Yoga, swimming, and walking are all good sports for the mm.
Spring and summer should be supported, and the busy mms are OK for a walk.
After the winter arrives, you can do some more complicated sports, such as ice skating and skiing. Of course, exercising with your dear boyfriend or husband on the bed is also a good whole body exercise.
But it should not be too much. The index of exercise intensity: 180—the age of the exerciser = the average pulse number per minute during exercise.
  Third, don’t let yourself be cold and cold is the source of all trouble.Cold women have poor blood flow, cold hands and feet, and dysmenorrhea.

If the blood flow is not smooth, the face will grow spots, the energy in the body cannot moisturize the skin, and the skin is not angry.

Even more terrible is that our reproductive system is most afraid of cold. Once our body is too cold, it will choose to grow more aunt to keep warm, and fat will grow under our belly button.

And once the blood is too warm, there is no need for these fats, and they will automatically run out.

  In fact, keeping yourself cold and getting enough sleep is the guarantee of “blood”.

When the body’s blood gas energy is insufficient, there is not enough energy to expel the waste inside the body, and the waste that cannot be discharged is accumulated in the gaps between the internal tissues of the body. As the accumulated waste gradually increases, people gradually gain weight: observeThe traces of age on the body and body can be found that with the increase of age, more and more “things” pile up on the coat and the body.

If those things are aunts, does it mean that the older the body stores more energy?

Obviously the opposite.

Didn’t you see the “pig” type of centenarians?

In addition, mm must be recognized in weight loss.

To lose weight, don’t step into the absolute misunderstanding of dieting and staying up late. It is the right way to go to bed early and get up early and nutritional supplementary blood + exercise.

Remove body waste before you can achieve weight loss.

Instead of blindly dehydrated weight loss (the effect is obviously short cycle), in fact, they have been destroying their qi and blood, not to scare mms, they will get sick when they get old.

  The fourth point is to nourish yin with water (not pure whitening water): eat less spicy, high salt, fried food, food temperature is not cold or hot, feel good, eat more pork trotters (stewed just fine, even spicy), Fish jelly (frozen fish scales), flower jelly (that is, fish’s tadpole), white fungus, chicken ribs, shark fin, etc.

Usually drink water, preferably in the form of vegetable soup or tea, transforming moisture to stay better in the body.

After eating, the metabolism needs to be smooth and the circulation is good before and after nourishing.

  The secret of unobstructed metabolism: low-salt food, lymphatic massage (heating hands to massage the lower back, helps to accelerate blood circulation in high blood pressure).

  Drainage recipe: use a winter melon, peel off the skin, and use the blender to make the juice with the melon seeds (must use melon seeds, the most effective is it), cook in a pot, add rock sugar after the juice becomes very sticky,Cook for a while and it will set into pieces when cooled.

Just use a spoon to make tea.

  Fifth, cherish their own small births and ovulation drugs.

Gynecological diseases are the biggest killer of female beauty.

Three inches below the navel is the beautiful back garden. Ask yourself: Is there any inflammation?

Is there any dysmenorrhea?

Are there any lumps and blockages?

As long as there is one of them, they are the killer of the skin, no matter how much makeup is used.

Reproductive system maintenance is closely related to a woman’s youth.

Skip this and leave everything alone.

  It is not advisable for people to meet and meet irresponsible people, repeat the cycle of bad things like abortion and abortion, trample on tiredness, and be frustrated with your whole life, etc., are not desirable; if you do,Please immediately throw away, you are not Virgin Mary, you must give up the great idea of being a virgin.

  Also, mm, overeating, drinking water, smoking crazy, promiscuity, taking soft drugs, etc., no one needs to teach you “degradation, corruption, no medicine can save”, if you are willing, please returnComing to a warm and maintenance family, life is beautiful. Changing the road, sometimes it just changes a thinking: you can sleep at 11 o’clock, you can also sleep at 4 am, life is yours.

  Sixth, at a certain age, women who need to supplement hormones are a female animal. They start to go downhill around the age of 25. The hormone levels in the body also decline, and the state can’t help but go involuntarily.Get some estrogen.

When you are young, start drinking soy milk, which can regulate hormones in both directions and prevent previous pregnancy. You can even extend the menstrual cycle and repeat the menopause time (you know, after menopause, women’s young birds are gone forever, so laterBetter.

In addition, there is a saying that the secret to delaying menopause is “the strong method of using vegetable soup” (a soup made from five kinds of vegetables such as burdock, white radish, white radish leaves, carrots, and mushrooms) + “a small amount of riceTea “, I do not know if it is true or not.

In addition, hormone supplements include: royal jelly (40 years old), snow clam (you can eat around 30 years old, once a week), pomegranate, Huaishan, angelica, cumin, pollen.