Beauty must be beautiful when travelling long distances

Beauty must be beautiful when travelling long distances


Beauty must be beautiful when travelling long distances

It’s almost Christmas and New Year, and the travel and discount season in Hong Kong and abroad has begun again!

It’s just that when people of Merida are flying today, if you study the increasingly stringent security requirements for flights, you will find that the basic cosmetics that are usually used are almost in the restricted range, which is really frustrating.

  Since it is impossible to bring enough skin care products to care for the skin in the dry cabin, how few and refined products should be selected to overcome the discomfort of air travel?

Hurry up now to plan a 100g cosmetic bag that you can take with you, and choose five beauty products you must bring, so that you can still be beautiful on long trips!

  Tips: You must know the rules of the route 1. Liquid items other than medicines, including lotions, creams, liquid foundations, etc. should be replaced in a small container below 100ML, and put into a plastic bag of a prescribed size.

Be sure to give up the idea of carrying the whole bottle and choose a travel set that is not overweight, because if it does not meet the specifications, expensive skin care products will be confiscated and cocoa will never come back!

  2, cosmetics purchased at the airport duty-free shops, if it is a domestic flight directly to the destination, can not help but itch in the cabin unpacking, no problem.

However, if a transfer is required, it may be confiscated during the second security check.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain good tightness.

  First, the soothing and moisturizing lotion can be used both as a spray and as a water mask to apply to the face, and can also be sprayed on the hair to eliminate dryness in the cabin, which is essential for its appearance.

  Recommended products: The main ingredients of POLA Moisturizing Lotion are clove essence, Centella asiatica essence, D-BA liquid, Sophora flavescens essence, and surface water-locking factor, etc., which can be gentle and gentle, and can effectively penetrate deeply into the skin.

It also has the effect of improving eye wrinkles, skin texture and tension.

  Second, the sun-blocking effect of the milk, especially for flying during the day, sun protection is essential.

It does not prevent the selection of a sunscreen with a sunscreen function. Sunscreen also blocks damage inside the cabin and hurts the skin. It can also replace liquid foundation and help care for dull complexions.

  Recommended product: Emblica Vitamin C Active Complex in Elizabeth Arden Protective Isolation Milk SPF45 E can encapsulate natural metal ions, super sun protection, and prevent melanin production from the source.

Vitamin C complex can also help restore the melanin that has been produced, keeping the skin youthful at all times.

  Third, the dryness of the moisturizing lip gloss lip gloss cabin is undoubted, so a lip gloss with moisturizing and moisturizing effects is the best choice, and the size is small and there is no need to worry.

Choose a fresh color that can better cover the fatigue of the journey and light up the entire face.

  Recommended products: ShuUemura Shu Miemura Mini Tri-Color Lip Gloss two color combinations, each group for you carefully combined three-color colorless limited lip gloss, moisturizing effect, bring sweet and attractive lip makeup.

  Fourth, the essence that can be used as eye moisturizer does not need to bring an additional bottle of eye cream, a small bottle of refreshing essence that can act on the eyes at the same time, you can cope with the face, neck, it is really dry and can even be thickOne layer, make an emergency mask.

  Recommended products: Estee Lauder Miracle Creme Anti-Wrinkle Essence with velvety smooth viscosity, plant fragrance with jasmine, spoon and rose, instantly penetrates, miraculously removes age marks, restore elasticity, firmness, clearSmooth and flawless skin.

Even after a tiring day, he still looks energetic.

Tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists for all skin types without causing acne.

  Fifth, the special makeup remover removes the trouble of cleaning, and it is very convenient to carry during the trip, no longer need to worry about the problem of removing the daily makeup.

  Recommended product: kanebo Kanebo Olive Beauty Cleansing Cleansing Towel. It is made of 100% cotton fiber. It has a non-irritating and mild formula and will not dry the skin.

Facing the dust and makeup in the cabin, gently rubbing it, the skin instantly felt relaxed, simple and time-saving.