How to be correct and reasonable tonic -_1

How to be correct and reasonable tonic -_1

How to do it right and make it reasonable?

As I said before, people live in a competitive and stress-ridden society. Because of the relationship between lifestyles, it is inevitable that there will be qi and blood loss, and when the viscera is weak, proper tonic will indeed help to adjust the viscera and blood.Balanced yin and yang to ensure healthy body function.

So, how can we do it right and make it reasonable?

  (1) Must be “dialectical compensation.”

Chinese medicine treats the treatment of diseases with dialectical treatment.

By the same token, the use of tonics should also be dialectical.

In other words, according to the human body yin and yang qi and blood, what kind of deficiencies, the use of yin, yang, qi, blood, or tonic sputum, to complement the card, in order to receive the desired effect.

Otherwise, blindly tonic, make up for the card, the yin deficiency use the yang medicine, the yang deficiency use the yin medicine, the result is that the virtual person is more virtual, the real is more real, there are many side reactions.

For example, if the yin deficiency heat uses the ginseng, velvet and other warm yang products, there will be dry mouth and bitterness, constipation anorexia, urinary short red equine syndrome; yang deficiency chills take American ginseng, medlar, fish gelatin and other yin productsThere will be more fear of cold, thin stools, indigestion and other symptoms.

  (2) It is necessary to take into account the type of person’s physique.

Human physique can be divided into six types, except for normal physique, the other five are pathological physique, that is, fatigue quality, characterized by special fatigue; cold quality, characterized by special fear of cold; dry red, characterized by special fearHeat; some, there are greasy stagnation, phlegm and dampness.

Chinese medicine divides the constitution into visceral and filthy.

People of different constitution types are suitable for eating or not suitable for eating. If they do the opposite, they are neither beneficial nor harmful.

Such as phlegm dampness and greasy stagnation, the filthy person should not eat fish gelatin, Ejiao, misunderstanding can be seen chest full, loss of appetite; dry red, yang dirty people should not eat Korean ginseng, antler, miscellaneousProne to dizziness, mouth constipation, nasal bleeding embolism.

  (3) Pay attention to whether the body has other pathological conditions, such as qi stagnation, blood stasis, turbidity, fever, external sensation, etc. These are the factors that affect the tonic.

It is best to consult a doctor beforehand to rule out the existence of these factors before you can make up for it.

  (4) Pay special attention to digestion and absorption.

Even the best tonic, also through the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract, play a role, if the patient’s digestive function is very poor, you must first take the spleen and eliminate the qi, qi and phlegm drugs, such as dried tangerine peel, French summer, clam shell, Divine Comedy, Hawthorn, internal gold, etc., to improve digestion and absorption; if patients with constipation, bloating, eating less, can not be ignored, should use laxative or overnight sputum products, so that the stool is smooth, appetite is improved, in order to facilitate the absorption of medicine.
  (5) Have appropriate dosage and proper service.

The dosage and dosage of tonics directly affect their effectiveness. Tonic must be properly dosed and properly applied. For example, ginseng is usually 3 times a day.
5 grams, Ejiao 10 per day?
15 grams, if the dosage is too small, it is difficult to work; if the dosage is too large, it will cause side reactions.

Taking tonic, such as Korean ginseng, red ginseng, American ginseng, etc., although the chemical method is more convenient, but the active ingredients are completely dissolved; the tea method is brewed repeatedly by boiling water, the concentration is lowered; it is best to use the stew method, or researchThe end of the method, so that you can get better results.

  In addition, during the period of supplementation, attention should be paid to strengthening nutrition, combining work and rest, restraining sexual intercourse, reconciling the seven emotions, and ensuring sleep, so as not to affect the effect of medicine supplement.

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