Health survey: Which seat on the bus is the most dangerous?

Health survey: Which seat on the bus is the most dangerous?


Health survey: Which seat on the bus is the most dangerous?

On October 12th, a Weibo 鈥淪afety Seat Report鈥?
was rumored on the Internet. Weibo divided the seats in the bus into the most insecure seats, sub-safety seats and safety seats.The row of chairs and the last row are the most unsafe seats.

The microblog has been commented and reprinted by tens of thousands of users in just 2 days, and most netizens have approved their statement, which makes it reasonable.

The reporter visited a number of Dongguan citizens. Many people said that Weibo said that there is some truth, but when they are riding, they will not choose seats. They often “have seats and sit, and have no time to pick them up.”

銆€銆€Regarding the “bus safety seat report” circulating on the Internet, the relevant person in charge of the Dongguan traffic police department said that the statement in the picture has certain reason and scientificity, but there is no similar experiment and statistical data to support the report, so the public does not have to do their best.Believe in its statement.

銆€銆€The information on the truth network is so vast that if you don’t pay attention, you may be blindfolded by the wrong information.

Our goal is to let you through the text, open the fog, and reach the truth through constant questioning, patient proof, and rigorous verification!

銆€銆€The 鈥淩eport鈥?said that the safest reporter in the middle of the bus saw that in the colored 鈥渂us safety seat map鈥?painted by netizens, the three types of seats in the truck transporter were marked in red, orange and blue respectively:Safety seat, secondary safety seat and safety seat.

The blogger also made some explanations next to the 3rd class seat.

銆€銆€In the figure, the last row is marked in red, the most unsafe seat.

“Especially the middle three seats in the last row, no armrests, even seat belts and few passengers.

Even if there are handrails, it is very short, and a sudden brake is easy to fall.

“Vertically, the two rows of seats perpendicular to the front of the car and the direction of travel are also the most unsafe seats.” Also called the couch, each row has three to four seats, the seats in which are unsafe, no armrests, sudden braking, peopleIt’s easy to get to the front.

After the door in the middle of the car, the two rows of seats above the rear tires are described as secondary safety seats, painted in orange, indicating a little more secure, “people feel uncomfortable sitting, getting up or sitting downIt costs a lot of money.

“In addition to the other most insecure and sub-safety seats, the other intermediate positions in the carriage are painted blue. These seats are safety seats, including old, weak, sick, and disabled for special people.Pregnant seat.

鈥淭hese positions are not too crowded. When you get off the bus, you can move directly to the rear door.

“The authors list the advantages of special crowds and suggest that after these positions are occupied, it is best for the elderly to sit in the seat next to the window, not the most insecure seats.”

“The traffic police department: “safety report” has a certain reason. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter specifically consulted the traffic police department of Dongguan City on the “safety seat report for buses”.

The relevant person in charge of the traffic police department of the city said that the security location contained in the diagram is somewhat reasonable and scientific. However, there is no specific experiment and statistical data in the country to support the name, so the public does not have to believe it.

銆€銆€He further explained that, in general, the rear row of the bus driver is a number of safe positions, while the first-compartment area is relatively safe, while the last row has certain dangers due to the hazard of rear-end collision.The safety seat grades set out in the Bus Safety Seat Report are reasonable and scientific.

銆€銆€However, he said that the “safety seat report for buses” can be referred to, but it does not have to be entangled. “There is no special research in China at present.
鈥?He said that whether it is safe or not depends on everyone obeying traffic rules, jointly maintaining public transportation levels and creating a safe environment.

銆€銆€The citizens claimed that they had no time to replace the seats after they got into the car. On the Weibo, this safe commentary map of the bus that has been commented on nearly 10,000 times. Most netizens are convinced that even netizens said, “Remember this picture, change it later.Find a safe location for yourself for the bus.

However, the reporter’s investigation yesterday found that most of the citizens said that they 鈥渉ad no time to pick a seat when they took the bus鈥?

The reporters took different buses in several bus stops such as Dongtai Garden and Nancheng Hospital in the urban area.

After careful observation, most of the passengers did not have the habit of choosing a seat. Many people sat down on the car and then randomly found a space to sit down.

銆€銆€For the term 鈥渂us seat鈥? most local citizens said that they 鈥渄on’t care too much鈥? 鈥渨ill not deliberately choose a seat鈥? 鈥渟it down when you have a seat鈥?

Miss Bai Lianwang, who works in Huakai Square in Nancheng, said that she has to travel to and from work every day to get on the bus. 鈥淚t’s good to have a seat. It’s already a lucky place to have a seat. It’s safer to see one of the seats.It!

Miss Wang’s claim has been recognized by many citizens.
鈥?”Come on the bus is not a grocery shopping, you can choose, many times only the last row, and only sit down.

“It is still the key to the driver’s driving skills, and some citizens believe that this lack of scientific basis.

They believe that safety depends mainly on the driver’s driving level.

銆€銆€Mr. Liu, who often travels by bus, said, “Whether a safe minority should still be a driver, once an accident occurs, it is not safe to sit in it.

“It’s hard to say. Last time my grandmother was sitting on a special seat for the elderly, the sick and the disabled, and hurting her hand when braking.”

Huang, a student at Nancheng Vocational Middle School, also believes that this safety map circulating on the Internet is not very convincing.