3 women will stage the second season of Ultimate Garden Confrontation, Rio pole vault champion

3 women will stage the second season of “Ultimate Garden Confrontation”, Rio pole vault champion
The second season of “Ultimate Garden Confrontation” is staged.Figure / World IAAF official website Beijing News (Reporter Xu Bangyin) During home isolation, the world’s top pole vault players use temporary facilities built in their own courtyards or training grounds to compete against each other online, and are called “the ultimate garden” by IAAF.”confrontation”.Following the competition of the three men’s top players in early May, the contest between the three women’s top players was staged as scheduled.On May 17th, Beijing time, the second season of “Ultimate Garden Confrontation” took place in Athens, Greece, Georgia, and Ontario, Canada. The contestants were respectively the women’s pole vault champion Steffendi of the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, and the two-time All-American champion.Negot and Newman, champion of the Commonwealth Games.In the end, Stefandi jumped 4 meters in 34 times in 30 minutes, overwhelming the other two champions.Since there is no referee in the online game, it is not possible to compete strictly according to the rules of the official game. The “Ultimate Garden Confrontation” has formulated special rules. 15 minutes each in the first and second half, within 30 minutes, the player who skips a fixed number of times will win.In the men’s duel at the beginning of May, the set height was 5 meters, and in the women’s showdown, the set height was 4 meters.Although the local temperature in Athens is as high as 39 ° C, Olympic champion Steffendi who participated in this challenge still has a relatively large advantage. At the end of the first half, she jumped 4 meters in total 19 times, leading Negott ‘s 16 times12 times with Newman.After the timeout, Steffendi had two failed test jumps, but he always stayed ahead. He finally defeated Negott 30 times 34 times and Newman 21 times, winning the championship without suspense.”I have a lot of fun and this form of competition is very creative.”Stephendi originally planned to defend her title at the Tokyo Olympics. The Olympics disrupted her training plan.” Ultimate Garden Confrontation “finally gave her the opportunity to compete against her old opponents.” This is a very rare opportunity.It is also very helpful for my training.”Like the first season of” Ultimate Garden Confrontation “, today’s online game also attracted the attention of many track and field fans around the world. Sebastian Ke, President of the IAAF, is one of them.After the week, more super athletes joined it. This is an amazing game. Not everyone is in the best form. In my opinion, they are all winners. I am proud of them.”Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Xu Xiaofan proofread Zhai Yongjun