Make delicious coarse grains-

Make delicious coarse grains-

Make delicious coarse grains?

With the continuous improvement of the level of social and economic development, people’s requirements for food have led to double hunger and hunger, and it also requires convenience, nutrition, health care, safety, deliciousness and diversity.

Although many people have realized the nature of grains and cereals, because of the poor taste of grains and the time-consuming and laborious process of making them, most people still respect them.

How to improve the taste of coarse grains and make delicious coarse grains?

#hzh_woman { display: none; }  ●大米  将大米加水或煮成饭的做法是最简单的方法,其煮粥最养人,老幼秋季皆宜。There are also crushed rice to make rice cakes, noodles, and flour.

Guangdong rice noodles are ground into rice pulp, steamed out flat in a cage drawer, and then sprinkled with vegetable oil, rolled up, cut into sections with a knife, put some soy sauce and dipped in sesame oil to eat.

  The cross-bridge noodles in Yunnan have delicious flavors and are a special flavor cuisine.

The daily rice noodles can be eaten and cooked, but they can be simple and luxurious: Douhua rice noodles have a smooth and long-lasting taste, cold chicken rice noodles are rich in flavor, light and fragrant, and there is a casserole rice noodles floating with hot oil chicken soup.

  Among them, black rice is best for nourishing in autumn.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records that black rice has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing kidney, strengthening spleen, warming liver, and promoting eyesight and blood circulation. In autumn, whether it is porridge or soup, it is a nourishing product.

  ● Because of its fragrant stickiness, glutinous rice is often replaced by steamed buns or porridge, which is very popular.

Li Shizhen said, “The glutinous rice is sticky, it can be used for wine making, it can be baked, it can be steamed, it can be boiled, it can be fried.

“For example, glutinous rice and red date porridge is glutinous rice and red date porridge cooked with water, which is very suitable for autumn tonic.

  Wine made from glutinous rice can be used to nourish fitness and cure diseases. In the autumn, diarrhea caused by coldness of the spleen and stomach can cause dyspepsia. You can use glutinous rice wine to boil and add eggs for cooking. Drink it with vitality, refreshing, beauty, longevityEffect.

Because glutinous rice is sticky and difficult to digest, it should be eaten in moderation, and children should not eat it.

  ● Early autumn, boil fresh and tender corn on the cob to eat. It has a strong flavor and is easy to chew. It is a good supplement for young and old. Waxy corn and sweet corn are both good choices.

Roasted corn is cooked corn on the cob. It is burnt on a wood stick and burnt on the fire. Some are sprinkled with seasoning powder and taste good.

  Cornmeal dumplings, buns, and some are also great for autumn.

Europeans have also summarized the scientific way of eating: First, tortillas.

Mix garlic powder, black pepper, celery, etc. into cornmeal, and use tomato soup to reduce cholesterol.

The second is corn porridge, which is also commonly consumed by the Chinese.

The third is to use corn kernels to make tamale soup and salad, both delicious and nutritious.

  It should be noted that all the tip of the embryo is eaten when eating corn, because many nutrients of corn are concentrated here, which can enhance the body’s metabolism and adjust the function of the nervous system, which can make the skin delicate and smooth, inhibit and delay the generation of wrinkles.

  Bean-cooked corn is an Indian way of eating. Mix fresh corn kernels and soybeans in a 3: 1 ratio, add a few spoonfuls of starch, pour in water, and add the appropriate amount of salt and pepper.The water is boiled and ready to eat.

  ● Xiaomi There are three ways to eat millet: one is to cook porridge, the other is to cook rice, and the third is to mill it into millet noodles and steam it.

Each of these three ways of eating has its own taste, but it is best to eat porridge.

Millet porridge is even delicious, and it is rich in nutrition and comprehensive. It has the reputation of “Danshen Soup”, which is especially suitable for people with poor appetite, poor stomach and anemia.

  Women in northern China have been using the tradition of millet and brown sugar to nourish their bodies after birth.

When millet porridge, a layer of delicate sticky matter floating on it is commonly known as “rice oil”. Chinese medicine believes that it has the strongest nourishing power.

Boil porridge with millet bran and beans. Cook millet, purple rice, corn, red beans, mung beans, peanut beans, and red dates together until they are sticky.

  ● Sorghum sorghum is not completely eaten directly. It can also be used for sugar, wine or flour noodles.

But those who have dry stools should eat less or no sorghum.

  ● Soybeans Soybeans can be called cheap and good-quality nutrition. There are many ways to eat soy beans. You can cook them with skin and eat edamame. You can also peel or cook soup or stir-fry.

Different ways of eating such as soy milk, tofu, and dried tofu also have different flavors and effects.

  The predecessor of soy-edamame is a snack that is suitable for all ages. Japanese people like to blanch the edamame a little, sprinkle it with salt, cool it thoroughly with ice, and refrigerate it in the refrigerator.

Soymilk is Chinese milk. It can also be used as a substitute for yogurt, for breakfast or as a night snack, or by adding small pieces of fruit such as pineapple, apple, cantaloupe, cherry and honey and mix well before eating.

  When the Japanese drink soy milk, they also eat tomatoes or add tomato juice and mix well, because the manganese in tomatoes can promote the increase of lactic acid bacteria in the intestine and achieve the effect of intestinal regulation.
Fried soybean sprouts are almost tender and delicious, and can remove soot from the body. It also repairs damaged tissues and increases the metabolism and elasticity of blood vessel walls.
  Soy bean residue can be fried with mushrooms, shallots, diced carrots, spinach and other vegetables, or cooked with mushrooms, shellfish or pork ribs.

However, it is not advisable to eat more fried soybeans in autumn, it is not advisable to add alkali when cooking, and it is not advisable to eat with pig blood and bracken.

  ●黑豆#hzh_woman { display: none; }  黑豆的吃法很多,黑豆可煮、可炒、可做豆腐、生豆芽,也可制成黑豆粉食用。For example, black bean flour can be sprinkled on rice, or mixed with noodles, salads, or used as bread and mochi.

Tofu with black soy products can be cold, braised or braised.

  Sun Simiao said: “Black beans eat less to refresh the spleen, and eat more to damage the spleen.

“Qian Jin Yi Fang” believes: “Early eating black beans is exciting and heavy.

“Therefore, we should not eat too much black beans.

It is recommended to eat it with meals, not on an empty stomach.

  ● Cowpea Cowpea has healing and health effects, and its eating methods are also diverse.

Li Shizhen said: “The beans are vegetables, fruits, and grains, which are top grade beans.

“Sweet and sour cowpea is a very scientific way of eating.

It is made by cutting fresh cowpeas into boiling water and cooking. After draining the water, add sesame oil, sugar, vinegar and salt and mix well. The fragrance is tender and crunchy. It is beneficial to spleen deficiency and loose stools in autumn.

  Beans can also be chopped with meat and spring onions to make dumplings or buns, making them an excellent pasta.

The tender cowpeas in the early autumn are soaked in salt water. They are also a home-cooked meal. They have the effects of strengthening the spleen and kidney, and promoting fluids. They are most suitable for the frail elderly.

  ● Sweet potato Sweet potato can be eaten raw or steamed, boiled, roasted, etc.

In the autumn, the air is dry and many people feel constipated. It is very good to eat more sweet potatoes. It is wise to use it in sweet potato syrup, sweet potato porridge, fried sweet potatoes and other snacks.

  It is also an alkaline food that can be eaten with meat, eggs, rice, and noodles to neutralize the acidic substances they produce and regulate the acid-base balance of the human body.

It is best to cook sweet potatoes in autumn.

You can also eat sweet potatoes with some cabbage and radishes; or eat pickles or pickle soup when eating sweet potatoes. This not only adjusts the taste, but also reduces stomach acid and eliminates the discomfort to the stomach and intestines.

  When cooking sweet potatoes, put a little alkali in the water, or soak in salt water for 10 minutes before cooking, which can reduce oxidase, so that it will not cause abdominal distension.

But don’t eat too much sweet potatoes in autumn, and should not eat with persimmons at the same time.

  ● Peanut folk also have statements about “raw peanuts to strengthen the stomach, boil peanuts to moisturize the lungs, and fried peanuts to protect the liver”.

Boiled peanuts have the highest nutrition.

“Southern Materia Medica” said that peanuts “boiled with salt water to cure lung dysentery, stir-fried with dry fire and blood, to cure cold accumulation of abdominal pain.”

The fried peanut kernels or eaten after frying caused a large amount of glyceride and thioester components contained in peanut red clothing to be destroyed.

  Vinegar-soaked peanuts are called “Tianxian Blends”. Although peanuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids needed by the human body, after all, they have a high lipid content, a large conversion, and a greasy feeling., Both relieve tired and fragrant, can lower blood pressure and soft blood vessels.

It is best not to eat fried fried peanuts or fried peanuts in autumn, as it will strengthen autumn dryness.

  ● Sesame sesame seeds have different functions. Black sesame seeds moisturize white sesame seeds to regulate the lungs.

The common way to eat sesame is to eat it casually, add pasta, eat cold salad, grilled food, fried food, seasoning stuffing, and dip in sugar cane.

It is best to eat sesame after crushing it. It has a charming aroma and helps the body absorb it, because sesame skin is not easy to digest.