Food that will wrinkle us_1

Food that will wrinkle us_1

Food that will wrinkle us

We all know many causes of wrinkles, but one of them is improper diet.

If you pay more attention to food intake and spare no effort in maintenance, maybe one day when you sleep, you will find that years are actually not so cruel.

  So what foods will make us wrinkle-prone?

Please see: canned beef, canned fish, salad dressing, coffee, frozen food for a long time, scallops, dried shrimp, frozen shrimp balls, chocolate, cakes, instant noodles, fried foods, etc. These are all foods that make you wrinkle, So do not eat often or eat too much.

And when we buy food, we should pay attention to the date of manufacture, especially frozen and fried food. Once it expires, it will deteriorate and have a great impact on the skin.

  And the other is salt.

Eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure, which will directly affect people’s appearance . so eating too much salt is also prone to wrinkles.

  Now that we know what foods can make our wrinkles soar.

Then we need to see what we can do to perfect the wrinkle.

The following introduces several effective skin and vegetable methods for wrinkle removal1.

Smash the orange peel, immerse it in alcohol, add an appropriate amount of honey, and take it out after one week. It has the effect of lubricating the skin and removing wrinkles.


After the bananas are smashed, add half a tablespoon of olive oil, stir well and stir well, and apply it on a wooden board to help remove wrinkles.


Watermelon rind is washed with water and rubbed, then rinsed with water to make the skin fresh and smooth.


Loofah can remove wrinkles. Mix the silk juice with alcohol and honey, apply the juice on a wooden board, and wash it with water after drying.


Cucumber has a cleansing effect. Cutting cucumber into thin slices and applying it to clean skin can make the skin tender and smooth, and remove wrinkles.


Pumpkin seeds contain substances similar to sex hormones, which have a protective effect on the facial skin.

  Dealing with wrinkles is not without its tricks. In addition to changing bad lifestyle habits, maintaining a good cheerful mood, and choosing the right care products, a reasonable diet can also help you in the fight against wrinkles.

Therefore, in order to retain youth, you must remember the following food names: chicken skin, fish, caviar, shrimp paste, oysters, animal liver, mushrooms, fungus, pollen, etc.

They are rich in elastic fibers or nucleic acids that help keep the skin smooth.