Can colostrum be given to children?

Can colostrum be given to children?

Can colostrum be given to children?

In response to the fact that some parents treat colostrum as high-end nutrition for their children, and even replace breast milk for babies, the famous pediatrician Ding Zong is astonishing: feeding colostrum to babies will cause malnutrition and may even drink themBig head doll . “Colostrum is for cows!

Some people think that drinking colostrum can prevent disease. This is not false, but it can prevent cattle’s disease.

  For people, even if they are soaked in colostrum, they are not preventable.

“Professor Ding Zongyi, the chairman of the Child Health Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctors Association, the head of the Children’s Health Group of the Chinese Academy of Pediatrics, and the deputy director of the Chinese Children’s Health Association, said in a recent interview with this newspaper.

  The best thing for a pregnant baby is breast milk.

Professor Ding said that human milk is divided into colostrum, transition milk, and mature milk in order.

Colostrum contains some immune antibodies, which can prevent some diseases caused by maladjustment from intrauterine development to extrauterine development.

As children grow and develop, they need to develop from colostrum to transitional and mature milk.

Professor Dante found in some hospitals that medical staff used colostrum instead of breast milk to deliver newborns in the delivery room.

Due to the hype of colostrum by some enterprises, their advertisements have caused some parents to mistake colostrum as the best nutrition for infants instead of breastfeeding infants, resulting in malnutrition in newborns.

Professor Ding said that the milk the day before a child is born is extremely important. If you use colostrum to feed your babies so that they cannot get the nutrients they need for their normal growth in time, it will lead to malnutrition and become common names in severe cases”Big Head Doll”.

  Colostrum is the milk of cows during the third period after calving. It is suitable for cows to drink. It contains antibodies that are resistant to cow diseases.

Professor Ding said that humans and cattle are two different species. The immune spectrum of colostrum overlaps with humans, but it is only a small part. It is unrealistic to drink bovine colostrum to prevent human diseases.

Compared with breast milk, bovine colostrum and fresh milk contain incomplete nutrition, rich in multivitamins and minerals, and the proportion of casein in the protein is too high, the baby cannot digest it, and can cause allergies.

Professor Ding said, “Don’t think that only those inferior low-quality milk powder can cause malnutrition in children, and colostrum can still cause malnutrition in babies. Feed big dolls.

“Because bovine colostrum contains very limited nutrients, even cows cannot always drink colostrum. They must also drink transitional milk and mature milk as they grow and develop, otherwise the cows will become malnourished.

  Regarding colostrum, Professor Ding reminded everyone that you should have a correct understanding of this, but said that it is absolutely forbidden to take colostrum, as ordinary consumption, you can drink as long as it meets national standards, but it should be strictly prohibitedFor drinking babies.

  After babies drink breast milk, they enter the “change period”. What should they feed?

The answer that Professor Ding answered was: high-quality formula and reminded that babies should not be fed fresh milk before the age of two, because milk must be transformed by protein, slightly transformed, and added with multivitamin and mineral measures to work.Closer to breast milk, we can kiss the baby with breast milk.